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I love that my vet, who I'm probably helping to buy a boat, mails me super-everything-killer prescription shampoo and spray. MAILS IT TO ME. Because she knows I live far away from the clinic and that when I say something is wrong she knows I know what I'm talking about.

I don't know - I really like it when vets don't treat me like I know nothing. If I don't know, I'll ask.

So hopefully this stuff works.
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Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!

Face to the palm.

Deli cast herself in her paddock last night — actually I think she got her right hind stuck between gate and post. At any rate she is swollen like a sausage from foot to stifle and not wanting to put any weight on it. No scrapes or anything, but LORDY, she is pissed off. Still herself but clearly in a lot of pain and very grumpy about it.

I think she at least pulled something in her stifle the way it is looking. Hopefully nothing more serious than that?

I'm home briefly to grab my school books and some clay poultice, and then I'm zipping back to the barn to helicopter-parent over her.

There is good news though: I was informed today that the crazy-lady boarder is LEAVING! W00t!

Sigh. Deli dear.

Decided to have the vet out just in case. I literally have never seen a leg so swollen in my life...
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Oh wow, that is unexpected.
Karin (random vet at Horsequarters) told me that the swelling = infection for sure. She suggested I go buy some over the counter penicillin and give her 30-35ccs a day. That is all good and dandy, but penicillin? That’s the one that if you inject a vein your horse goes “I’m going to die now”. Okay, okay, so I’m more comfortable giving injections after Deli’s little choke episode, but Deli is already highly stressed and ouchie and I don’t want to risk her twitching, me hitting a vein, etc.

So I called VMTH this morning.
I only had to say “she has scratches” and the lady who I was speaking too said, “oh no, and she won’t let you near her?” So, appointment for 2:00 today. I didn’t realize appointments could be made so quickly! Maybe me worrying about it to the point I couldn’t sleep helped because I got up very early.

I have class at 3:00 but I have friends I can get notes from if need be. It is also my class where the professor just read off the PowerPoint’s they give us.

What I’m HOPING is that if it is not an emergency call they will let me make payments on the bill. If not… I just won’t eat next month. Doing this means I am NOT going to have money to throw a birthday party. And the money I keep trying to save up for a haircut is going bye-bye too most likely. Not to mention I have to pay for the stall now.
At any rate, that money is not going to be spent on me.
But I’m not going to call my Dad and tell him about this. I’m going to see if I can do it on my own.

But if they can sedate Deli and we can really scrub/disinfect her feet then I feel confident she will be okay. They may prescribe antibiotics too—but they won’t be penicillin which is good.

As far as Deli is concerned I gave her some good time out of her stall yesterday. She is a *bit* upset with me and since I had Brian there she was all over him for protection from her “mean mommie”. I had Brian walk around the indoor arena a couple times and she followed him. She is stiff at the trot in the hind end from the scratches, but not lame as such. I figured getting her moving (she walked for about 20 minutes, trotted for about 5) and getting the circulation flowing would be good for her feet, and her mind. It was so cute watcher her follow Brian and constantly sniff his pockets for treats. He also had a big grin on his face. She followed him over a high cavaletti twice too. Then we let her sniff and roll and just be a horse for a bit. The poor girl gets so bored cooped up in her little box.
Luckily Leah found the stall guard for me (THANK YOU SO MUCH!) so I don’t have to worry about her getting bored enough that she goes into her muddy run.

Okay… now it is time to eat breakfast and bitch about MY SPOT in the private pasture being taken up by a LAME stranger. Grrrmph.
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So I actually got a fair amount done today, even with the boy spending the night last night. Even studied when he was here last night .
Yep. I’m a good girl.

Pony updates:

Today Deli got her teeth floated AND I wormed her while she was drunk on tranquilizers. No, she really is not good about things being stuck in her mouth.
It was quite funny leading her to the round pen when she was sedated. She kept crossing her legs. I put her in the round pen because I didn’t want her falling in the deep mud in her pasture, realized I’d left the wormer at my house, sped home to get it and sped back so that she wasn’t without me long. We are also not supposed to leave horses unattended in the arenas but luckily I told the one person there that my horse was drugged and no one else was around.
So, for future reference, the Cache Creek Vet hospital (in Woodland) is good for teeth floating. They did not use power tools but got the job done quickly. [For my own sake their number is: (530) 666-7322].
She really did need her teeth done.

The other day I discovered that Deli does have a buck in her. I wondered because even when galloping around I have never seen her to more than kick out. Well, when it is brisk but sunny, and the saddle is on her while she is galloping/cantering… lets just say that she is a talented bucker. She can really throw her hind end up and SPIN at the same time. Oy. I hate the spinning. That kills me. According to her original trainer she never actually bucked with a rider on though.

Everything is going well with her. When the bridles arrive (within the next week) I’m going to start getting her used to the bridle/bit. More than likely I’m going to free-lunge her with the bridle on. I’m also trying to remember how to train a horse to lower their head when you place a hand on their poll. That will be useful. I like my new cotton snap on reins. Hopefully the bit I got her will work. If not I’m sure I can find a buyer—it is a curved-mouthpiece medium-thickness French-link eggbutt snaffle.

I did get the vet bill today: $270.80 altogether, with the drugs being the most expensive part. Eep! And unfortunately they aren’t allowing payments so *groan* I get to call my Dad and beg again. I feel lame.

HOWEVER Allison just got a big paycheck and told me that she can get me my money this week and take me out to a dinner and movie. Yay, a hot date with a girl!
John also notified me when I bothered him today that he is going to send me a check for the $135 he owes Brian and I. $100 for Brian (finally!) and $35 for me. That will help quite a bit believe it or not.

Update on my more personal life … )

Things I did get done:

-Returned Denali’s blanket, the smaller dressage girth, and gave Leah a check for the girth that fits Deli.
-Said hi to Denali (Happy Birthday too!)
-Talked to people at the barn, including hassling John for money.
-The teeth floating and worming for Deli of course.
-Midterm over with!
-Turned in poetry application for Sandy’s class.
-I got some knitting done… during BONES (I love that show!)
-Registered for a bogus GE class. The last I have to take!
-Showered and enjoyed my new soap and the warmth.
-I also sent out the check for the vet bill. Sigh. I am so POOR!
-Regardless, I treated myself to coffee today.

Otherwise I just watched movies (the Simpsons), ate, and got absolutely NOTHING done. Now I’m going to go to bed early and sleep in (or can I? I should check the weather to see if I need to un-blanket Deli tomorrow morning).
EDIT: Showers expected! I’m so sleeping in.

And I’m jealous of [ profile] catwithclaws because she has a new bunny that has markings like a panda.

There are things I want to rant about but it is bed time.


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