Dec. 13th, 2010 10:28 pm
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Guess what Deli did today?

Got her very first abscess!

The day before my biggest and most important exam. Guess What I spent 5 hours doing instead of studying?

Kill. Me. Now.

BTW, it's newborn diapers, right? I was able to borrow the stuff I needed for a poultice tonight, but I need to go stock up tomorrow.
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See if you can spot her injured leg:

How does it look? I know it looks BETTER than before by heaps and bounds, but from your standpoint, how awful is it at this point? And sorry for the quality. Like I mentioned before it's hard to get her to be pretty when I'm trying to juggle three things (and failing btw). She doesn't like to move if I'm not communicating clearly.
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I just had the BEST arena-ride. I've decided that I basically love my fleece breeches. Plus, I actually like the (fake) leather that goes all the way up to just UNDER my bum cheeks. It's very grippy but I don't feel like someone is grabbing my ass. Now I need to find my fleece-lined riding gloves.

The good news is that we cantered under saddle and she felt balanced and strong on that weaker lead! This is GREAT, because it means the rehabilitation really is working. And she was very attentive and moved off my leg so nicely, which was a treat. I also decided that our canter work is going to be done in a half-seat (since a real 2-point is impossible in my deep dressage saddle) because then we stay out of each others way. She picks up the canter much more comfortably and is getting used to the feeling of me being more forwardly balanced. For some reason I felt really balanced and with her today too — which is maybe why she was so responsive?

Oh, and it started snowing as I hopped off her. Lovely thick flakes that melted when they hit the ground. I still get ridiculously excited when it snows. Of course, now it's just freezing rain.

It's less exciting now that I'm home and I'm having to deal with our thermostat being broken. It's 50 degrees in the house (38 outside, so it is still warmer in here) so I'm a BIT chilly. Luckily I have a space heater I can sit next to while I study and waste electricity while I do.

I LOVE living here! It's so neat having occasional snow.
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From Fall 2010

It's been a whirlwind of a week. She's there, she's safe. There are still a number of things making me anxious. I hope I'm overreacting (I usually do when it comes to the safety and well being of my beloved hawk-mare).

More updates and a blog update later when I take my study break. I am DETERMINED to get school work done today so the rest of my week will be more productive and less stressful.

Oh, and I did take her out on the trails today (in hand) and she LOVED THEM.


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