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Note to self: de-wormed Deli today.

I tried the apple-flavored goo this time and she was surprisingly all right with it (for those who don't know, oral dosing is the #1 thing Deli is an absolute monster for). That's hopeful, because I want to dose her more regularly with electrolyte paste this summer if I do start conditioning her more seriously.

Of course, eating grass while out on the trail is a good way to get them natural electrolytes and water as well. Which was my strategy last summer.

Leaving this link to a hock sheild here. Deli continues to have gross bed sores, though hers are on the outside of the hock, not the point.
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Here is what I have so far. Because I'm strange I took photos BEFORE washing stuff that needed it. I'm washing things now, though, that need it (everything is at least a little dusty!). Pictures behind the cut (though I must say the colors are not very true in the photos).

I DO have Paypal, which would be preferred. However, from my friends here I would take check or cash in the mail. Shipping costs paid by you! And I really am willing to take offers. Some of this stuff I am very flexible on the price, other things I am not. I'll keep this page updated, as I know I have more things to drag out of storage. For example, I have more standing wraps and polo wraps and blanket things.

Riders Rasp (as seen here: Used only a couple times, perfectly sharp (and this is the one where you can replace the blades). Great for touch-ups on the barefoot horse. $30 obo.

Simple cordura dressage girth, size 22”. Roller buckles w/o elastic. Well used but still usable! $10 obo.

Fleece with elastic English girth. I think the size says 36” (tag is faded), unsure of brand. Used but in good condition, elastic not stretched out, hardware all in good condition. $25 obo.

Toklat Originals fleece breastplate (convertible to breastcollar), horse sized. Lightly used, still in superb condition. $30 obo.

Green fleece tail wrap. Used but in great condition – fleece isn’t pilled, Velcro in superb condition. $15 obo.

Shires Typhoon High neck medium weight blanket, size 72” (though I would say this would fit a 74” or a bigger-bodied 72” horse, as it is too big/long for my 72” horse). Only used for two weeks last winter, and in perfect condition except for mud on the outside and some hair on the inside (can wash). It’s like this one: . No tears or damage, all hardware intact. $80 obo.

Professional Choice Velcro bell boots, size medium/horse. Used, velcro still in good condition though well-used. $5 obo.

Professional Choice splint boots (horse sized). Neoprene with felted green outer and off-white protection. Dusty, but still very usable with good velcro. $15 obo.

Sleezy Sleepware shoulder guard, medium/horse sized. Used a couple days under a blanket, still in good condition. Royal blue. Identical to this one: . $20 obo.

Matching set of a Roma sweat-wicking square dressage pad and 4 polo wraps. DARK navy with pink ribbon detail. The pad has a fancy “diamond pattern”, and is most like the one found here: , but is a special edition. The pad was used about 10 times, and the polo wraps were used once and stored in a shoebox since then. $40 obo for the set of pad + polos.

Toklat Originals fleece bareback pad in black. Used but still has many years left. Comes with “medium” length fleece and nylon girth/cinch. $20 obo.

Riders International anti-pill and breathable fleece cooler, Size 72”. Dark green. Good condition (used as blanket liner for about a week), but has a small (easy to repair) tear on the front buckle attachment (see photo). Has belly strap and hardware to attach leg straps if wanted. $30.

White felt western/square pad, ¾ inch thickness. Awesome pad, used under an English saddle for a couple months, wicks sweat. $20 obo.

Dover brand thick cotton-with-fill square pad. This is a discontinued version of the Poly Pad ( Lightly used and kind of a dark purple with navy trim color. $30 obo.

A pair of thick standing wrap pillows, light blue colored. Used once. $20 obo.

Ovation half-chaps, size large. Used condition, zippers still work great (washing them now, too!). $25 obo.

Two green wool-blend coolers, size 80”. Used, good quality. There is one high-neck (browband style) with white trim and a slightly thicker low-neck style with green trim. Neither would be appropriate as blanket liners, as they only have buckles/attachments in the front and tail cords. $15 each or $30 for both.

Size #1 WIDE Easyboot Glove. Used Once. $50.

I also have access to several regular #1.5 Easyboot gloves and #1.5 regular Easyboot glove parts – please ask for details.

NEW with tags white full seat breeches. Size 16 (still need to get pictures). $40.

Loose ring rubber mullen. Size 4.5-75” - $15
Full cheek w/ copper mouth. Size 5” - $20
Korsteel eggbutt french link snaffle, w/ curved mouth. Size 5” - $30

Read more... )
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Now I'm waffling. I had my eyes on the Zilco Marathon. It's still my top contender because I love how adjustable it is, and it would match my breast plate. I could also turn it into a RATHER tame halter side-pull as they have pictured here. I was thinking about getting the sheepskin nose cover anyway, because the Zilco straps are pretty thin and I'd worry they would irritate Deli.

However, this RJ halter-bridle combination is much cheaper, and looks more comfortable. It does not look like the nose-band piece is adjustable though, which could be an issue due to Deli's thick nose. I tend to keep my noseband looser on trails so she can eat more freely, but she still needs something there since she will gap her mouth to avoid the bit if she is being really bad. This company also makes an attractive side pull that I THINK I could attach bit hangers to, which they also sell separately (you see that upper ring? Would that be too high to attach a bit?).

I started looking at the RJ rope tack because I found their reins to be just what I was looking for. I'll probably be getting those whether I get I get the Zilco or the RJ bridle.

So, if cost, comfort (for Deli), adjust-ability, ease-of-use and style were what you were concerned about, which would you go for? I can afford to get the Zilco at this point, but spending less would be better for my overall finances. They both come in royal blue, so that's less of an issue. I am planning on getting bit guards for Deli's trail bridle since I could only find loose-ring versions of the sweet iron french link I got her. That bit should be more comfy for long rides than her dressage bridle, and she usually seems more willing to drink with the bit in if it's copper or sweet iron.

I have my SnugPax pommel bag picked out for purchase too. She is going to look smashing all in blue with her dark dark red coat.
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I'm going to update this post as I organize the stuff I want to sell. I'll put photos up as well. Let me know if there is anything you are looking for.

I'm going to have my Toklat Woolback Horse Breastplate up for grabs. Used, but still in superb condition. I'll wash it to get all my horse hair off it. $20obo.

Two pairs of Cashel Cool Leg Guards. Used once for... an hour? $15/pair obo.

I have a Hug Heavyweight blanket, size 72" in dark green. Worn for about a week by my horse, I can wash it before sending it out as well.
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I wanted to amend my desire to find a Dee ring sweet iron french link bit and say that a drop-cheek or baucher/fillis bit french link might work well for my trail bridle too. Or maybe I should think about getting a new leather or synthetic leather bridle for use all the time, since my focus with Deli is definitely going to shift to more trail riding with a dressage base. Someone said this bit + a drop nose band would be ideal for Deli and her face shape, and it will still have some of the qualities I like from the dee ring -- as in putting pressure on the cheeks and not sliding through the mouth.

When Deli was first being ridden she would gape her mouth a LOT, but I've been loosening her noseband lately and have not noticed her gaping at all, so I think it was just her early bit-avoidance. For trails I have been leaving it on it's loosest setting (fitting 3 fingers under it) so she can eat more easily.

Reading Sustainable Dressage makes me think this might be true. BUT the bridle I'm getting for the trails does not have a nose band per say, just the underlying halter whose cheek pieces are not adjustable.

Here is the trail bridle I want, by the way. I need to figure out the color combination I'm going to do. Her color is royal blue so either the halter or headstall needs to be that color. I'm just debating whether the other part should be navy or electric blue.

Either way I'm not going to buy this until I 1. have a summer job and 2. know I'll be able to ride Deli regularly over the summer.

Has anyone used a baucher bit before? Thoughts?

I was also thinking I could just get THIS french-link and slap those hideous ribber bit guards on it. I imagine they will give some rubbery cheek pressure and then Deli's lips will be protected. Plus, it's a cheap bit!

I've only ridden one horse with the rubber guards. No idea if that will work the way I want.

EDIT: OMG! You can gt those bit guards in royal blue! EVERYTHING WOULD MATCH. Here is the a link for future reference. Horse tack-searching is so much more interesting than everything else in my life. Even when I haven't been able to ride her much at all because of the weather!
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If anyone finds a 5 inch D-ring sweet iron french link (ideally with a horizontal link) bit for sale online somewhere PLEASE let me know. Medium thickness with curved bars preferred.

I've found some loose rings, but that's it.
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These Cavallo pastern wraps might solve my problem if I add the gel pads to the bottom. It doesn't look like they would be affected by her fetlock scar either.

EGADS, what keeps EXPLODING in my neighborhood? 4th of July is long over, Portland-people.
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Someone recommended Crazy Ropes to me for a cheap but quality bosals/side pull combination.

When Deli is a BAD BAD girl on the trails I'm not sure having a bit would help (since it's mostly avoidance, balking) and I would love to make it easier for her to eat on the go, too.

I don't particularly like the Dr. Cook bridles and how tight the noseband has to be for them. Deli first trainer said she would ALWAYS need a noseband, but I think that is less true now. I have been leaving my noseband super loose lately to see what she thinks and she has liked it.

I may attach some lead ropes to her rope halter and see how steering works with just that before I decide.

Thoughts? Experiences?
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Anybody know of an ear net THING that will fit a horse with Arabian ears? I've seriously tried several of these things and the ears are all 1-2 inches too big for Deli's ears. These from Dover are the only ones with actual sizing, but I've tried a medium on her and it was still 1 inch too big. Ironically her ears are slightly too WIDE for this one too. I should seriously just make one myself... it can't be that hard and then I can get a snazzy color.

Little blood sucking beasts need to STOP eating her ears.

Ironically everyone up here is complaining about the flies, but compared to California there is NO comparison. I'd say there are about 1/5th the flies at the worst times. There are some big honking horse flies though and those little blood suckers that drive me nuts.
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Anyone know where I can get a nice but CHEAP padded leather halter? Bonus if I can get it personalized and it needs an adjustable nose band. I prefer darker leather (dark brown or black).

I promised Deli I would get her a nice leather halter if she gets better. She needs one anyway — I'd prefer to trailer her in leather!
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I love buying horse stuff. No joke. I actually hate shopping for clothes for myself though (unless it's riding garb!).

First (and most important) will be a new saddle pad:
I'm either going with an Equipedic saddle pad or a Skito Equalizer (with the cordura in royal blue). I'm leaning towards the Skito right now because they will custom-make to fit my saddle. Sheesh. Expensive stuff.

Easily done but useful stuff:
D-ring savers and Tie-One-On D-rings.

Horse boots!
The Renegades are still my favorite (though they don't have blue) but I'm going to try and see if Deli will work in the Easyboot Gloves. The farrier that trimmed Deli said she was a 2.5, so I figure a 3 will fit her when she isn't trimmed down to nothing. I will probably have to get a powerstrap in that case, but it should work. I've also been recommended the Cavallo Simple Boots, which are supposed to fit horses with Deli's foot shape rather comfortably. I'll take some measurements of Deli's feet when they grow out a bit more and decide from there.

As for bridles and halters...
Endurance halter that attaches/fits with this endurance headstall. I had a long conversation with my old trainer (who does endurance and dressage competitively) and she explained why those with the snap-on bit attachments are a pain-in-the-ass if you have a less than dead horse you are trying to get the bit on. In this case the whole headstall snaps on and off. And in case you were wondering, I've decided Deli's color is going to be electric or royal blue. That color will look great with her dark red coat, I think. Those are also found HERE.

I do plan to get a matching Zilco breastplate, too. My current breastplate is good, but I don't like how it attached to the girth D-ring. There have been a couple times it has come undone while riding, which is not cool.

Wool Seatsaver—honestly more to keep my expensive dressage saddle clean and dry while out riding, though I'm sure my bum will appreciate this too!

My trusted endurance-trainer friend had a long rant and conversation about what kinds of bags work for dressage saddles in particular. She ranted and raved about how great the Snug-pax were in terms of security and quality. We are not at a point where we are doing long enough rides to warrant lots of baggage, so this one will be one of the last things we get. Right now I wear a belly pack for things like my cellphone, eye drops, and some horse cookies. I haven't needed a water bottle yet, though that will be the next useful thing I'm sure.

I also am going to need a new helmet. Troxel brand has always fit me well, but I may do some research and see what else is out there. I don't really like the method of adjusting the troxel helmets have, because the tabs I have always break. The helmet I have now has lasted much longer than previous ones — which means I haven't fallen and hit my head! Or at least not from a horse... hrmph.

If I ever do get into REAL endurance with Deli (25-50 milers) she is probably going to need a crupper. I found this crupper attachment which should do the trick. Will still need to do research on what cruppers are best when the time comes.
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Trying to figure out whether to get cotton poly or cordura for this pad for Deli. What would you pick? My current Skito pad is dying due to a certain 4-year old geldings enthusiastic antics...

I'm about to leave to meet and introduce Deli to another potential leaser!
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I'll probably ask some of this on [ profile] equestrian too, to get a broad idea of these products.

Rachel recommended Skito pads to me—specifically The Skito Equalizer Interpad and the Skito Olympic Pad (in Dressage). I'm cringing at the prices, but this is something that will really help Deli from becoming sore and resentful of the work so... I guess I can afford it if I don't eat next month.
There is also Toklat Ultra Cell Cushion.

The main page I found those pads is here, and I haven't done much digging for cheaper stuff. There are Wintec-foam-type pads that are MUCH cheaper, like THIS The Wintec Comfort Pad. Still, I like the idea of having the pad and foam inserts to be encased in something else (washable) and have complete spine clearance all the way down the back. I just know that kind of pad would last longer between a destructive horse and accident-prone rider.

So what I'm looking for is something to give my horse more spine clearance and back protection. The saddle fits OK—and quite honestly, she has been changing shape so often that I'd like to wait until she is in better shape until I purchase something better (did I mention I'm kind of between jobs?). This is more to make sure that when she does lift her back, it feels happy and comfortable and nice. She went so nicely in the pad my trainer tried on her yesterday (A Toklat pad with the two foam inserts and a sheepskin cover that she said they don't make anymore)that I feel the need for something like this is strong.

As a reference I ride my horse in a "Wintec Pro Dressage" (with Cair, I think).
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Somewhat blurry pictures of Deli's new bridle/bit under here... )

The noseband is very loose in these photos because she has never had one on before and I wanted to be able to TELL if she was gaping her mouth.

Things I need to figure out:
Bit fit? I belive it is fine. She seems to be fairly comfy, which is what matters.

The fat noseband makes the cheek straps not lie as flat as I'm used to with a boring english bridle. Is this normal for Dressage bridles?

Should I buy a nylon bridle to train in (and use for trails, etc.) because this bridle is nice than I thought it would be? She is used to a very minimalistic design. EDIT: I'm thinking THIS because it is poly web (even better!) and muy cheap. PLUS it would give me an excuse to go to the Stateline tack in Sacramento!

I'm so proud of her! She is doing so much better with this than I thought she would from having observed her with her original trainer. Then again, I work with her every day so she may be more familiar with me now. It is a good feeling!

And yes, I am wasting valuable time. Bite me. I have NO motivation.
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The bridles arrived! The one is in VERY good condition (dressage corbette bridle) and I tried it on Deli and it fits nicely. I'm going to give the older/more well used one to Allison unless she can give me a good reason for giving her the nice one. The bit I got her may be a wee bit to big (harr harr), so I'm going to take pictures of it tommorow if I remember. Will it being a 1/4 inch too big make that much of a diffrence? I can't return this one (it is a 5 inch). I don't think it is going to be a big deal though, she seems much more comfortable in the french link then what her trainer had her in!
She was very good today, especially for the bridling which I thought was going to be a pain. But no! She took the bit nicely enough after trying to evade me for a couple seconds. She is one of those horses who dosn't really like the feel of the bit in her mouth so I'm just going to have her wear it as much as possible so she can get used to it. Today was for praise and trying to get a handle on her shedding. I should get a shedding blade.
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SO. Deli will be here Friday/Saturday evening. There is still quite a bit of stuff to work out but I HAVE a shipper!

Things I need to remember to get from Ralph/Paula:

Her papers (signed off to me)
Shoe boil boot (those things look so odd!)
Halter(?) --> I need to actually ask if they are giving me her rope halter, which I assume they will need in the trailer.

Other than that... she's MINE!

Oooh I really hope this works out. There is still that chance that she will be an absolute demon but... I'm not worrying that much so I guess that's a good sign.

I need to go shopping! Gah, this horse is making me feel so poor!

Things I need to get right away:

Vaccines (though maybe not until Allison is back so she can give them, it has been several years since I've given vaccines so I'd rather have pre-vet person do it!)
Contact teeth floater

It may be, depending on how quickly she calms down, that I will ride her in the rope halter in the roundpen. It isn't like she can run from me there and then the bit wouldn't interfere with her teeth.

This is like having a CHILD! Only so much more fun!
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Deli passed her vet check. The vet seemed kinda dumb on the phone, but oh well. Her fetlock will always be scarred and nasty looking but the vet was very sure it would just be a blemish.

Then he proceeded to tell me that her breed is not suitable for Dressage. *Headslap* Um, hello? The Arab Dressage circuit is huge.

Aaand they are giving me her shoe-boil boot. One less thing for me to buy!

I talked to Dawn last night about Deli and she gave me some great advice. I need to find a vet to do vaccines when she gets down here. Daria is also going to get me the name of a teeth-floater (are they just called dentists?) that will do her for less than $80.

Things I need to buy immediately:
Curry comb (mine is nowhere to be found)
Lunge line
Halter and lead rope-- if they are not giving me her current rope one.
Tack "box"-- will probably get a cheap tub at the hardware store.

Less immediate but useful:
Splint boots

Bunny wants me to take her to Cal Expo in June. Um, wow.


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