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Pine martens have been popping up in my dreams lately. I've always had a special "relationship" with Mustelids in general, but never such an intense focus on one species. Last night it was Martens and thunderstorms. And then I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep because of my back hurting.

The trail ride seemed to help Deli's back soreness. She still has abnormal muscle buildup in her lower back and a lack of muscle in her bum, but I can poke it and her pain response is less after a ride were I work to have her moving more correctly. Clearly, this is going to be our focus. I need to see if I can scrape together some money to have her massaged and adjusted, and I may use someone different from normal, because the massage lady I have been using is now more focused on the thermography. Which is USEFUL for information, but not part of the direct solution when I already have a pretty good idea what is going on. Also, she WILL tell me to give her time off and will not hear that she has had 2+ months off, during which time her back got worse compared to my light rides which seem to HELP.

So... there's that. Do my horse-friends think I have the right impression? I'm SURE she injured her hip while we were at Destiny Farms flailing around in her stall. Since then I've had vets check her out and they said she seems sound. Just atrophied and using the wrong parts of her body to move.

Like ME! My body has been so retarded lately. Essentially, I think I broke my neck and back when I was coughing horribly. Heck, I'm still having RANDOM coughing fits. It's all painful.

IUD/Reproductive chatter )

I'm probably thinking about this right now because my parents are planning on having a "family dinner party" this weekend when I'm in SoCal visiting them. That means my Dad's side of the family, all of whom I don't like. I'll shmooze a little as my uncle's wife has connections to the EPA, which is a job I wouldn't mind having. But if my cousins are there I'm going to have to resist running away. I fucking hate those "kids", even if they are brain damaged little freaks.

I'm NOT looking forward to questions about our "wedding"; there are already issues with my sister demanding to be there or she will "have nothing left to live for". Ugh. Which means we can't get married when we were planning (beginning of next month) because that's when my sister starts college classes.

Having decided to elope clearly does not take away all the drama I want to avoid.

One bonus for this weekend is one of my best friends from college, Dawn, lives right near my parent's new house. So we are going to go on a nice long trail ride where I will ride her mom's horse, a Missouri Fox Trotter! I've only ever ridden a paso fino, so I'm curious to try another gaited breed. It will be fun to hang out with her. I wished I lived closer to all my best friends!
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From Fall 2010

It's been a whirlwind of a week. She's there, she's safe. There are still a number of things making me anxious. I hope I'm overreacting (I usually do when it comes to the safety and well being of my beloved hawk-mare).

More updates and a blog update later when I take my study break. I am DETERMINED to get school work done today so the rest of my week will be more productive and less stressful.

Oh, and I did take her out on the trails today (in hand) and she LOVED THEM.
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I'm so stressed about this particular exam that I am on the verge of tears.

But when I force myself to remember what I COULD be doing, it matters less that I might not get an A or even a B. Failing at something interesting is apparently better than succeeding at something I hate.

Which explains why I like riding so much!

Time for a deep breath, some tea, and maybe a pastry.

At least I will have a week or so of not-knowing-my-grades-bliss-vacation!
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Deli is here, but my first day with her was NOT fun.

She got off the trailer coughing snot, blood, and food though her nose and mouth and shaking terribly. The shipper said she was just seasick but I thought not. I asked around the barn and found a vet riding her horse. People jumped to help me. This vets name was Karen and she helped me take Deli's temperature and called several vets while I talked to the UCD large animal emergency service.

In the end I waited two hours by myself with Deli, trying to calm her, for the vet to show up. Once they got here the UCD vets (vet students) were very efficient. Like Karen they decided it was “choke” and they sedated her and tubed her. It was fairly bad, and it took another 2.5 hours to get all the stuff out of her esophagus. When they left her temperature had risen so they gave me a ton of antibiotics to prevent pneumonia, infection, etc. (Which is goods because she has a history of nasty infection.)

Anyways. I was a wreck by the end of the day. The second time seeing a horse in my life and I get to call out a vet for her for the first time.

Not to mention the bill.

Not to mention she can’t eat hay for two weeks.

Not to mention I have to give her injections (something I haven’t done since my Bar 717 days) three times daily.

AND 20 pills twice daily.

She probably hates me too. I tried to make her comfy last night. I “borrowed” some of Allison’s Equine Senior and beet pulp and made a mash for her to eat, she nibbled at it but I don’t think she has had a mash before because she was weirded out and snorting at it’s liquidness. I’m trying not to worry about colic because she was interested in grazing.


More on this later.


Feb. 3rd, 2006 03:24 pm
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Deli wouldn't load.
They wouldn't use a butt rope on her because they were afraid she would panic.

Arg, I am so upset!
I couldn't sleep last night because of the excitement and now I am all let down and all my careful laid out plans for the weekend shot.

She will probably get here Sunday now.

Ugh. I feel terrible.
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Deli is probably going to have to be shipped.
More expensive but safer. EXPENSIVE.
Oh, and they may also sedate her.
And I STILL haven't found a freaking stable.

They need her out of there by the 4th.

How do you measure a horses mouth for a bit? I'm going to buy her a D-ring frenchlink of medium thickness.

Brain = implode.



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