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And I dream of Andrew kissing me. NOT HELPFUL stupidstupidbrain. Though I am curious why it's always Andrew who is kissing me, while I always see Brian as an animal in dreams (he's a mule deer!).

Luckily that dream made me wake up (feeling all disjointed, as such dreams usually do), and when I fell back asleep I ran with a pack of spotted hyenas. We stalked a lion. Stole her kill. Crunched some bones. And then took down a water buffalo after chasing it for miles and miles. The smells were intense. All my senses were so much better than my puny human meat senses. I clamped my jaws on the buffalo's nose and it shook me, trying to gore me, but I didn't let go. I could feel it's hot grassy breath shuddering out between my teeth.

I'm tired now and somewhat sleep deprived (recovering from being sick the past couple days), but I feel mentally more sane now. A hyena was exactly what I needed even though I didn't know it at the time. Intelligence, endurance, putting everything in its right place. By force if necessary.

I also decided I'm not going to pay those medical bills. THEY were the ones that fucked up. I did everything I could have done at the time to make sure things were going smoothly. But they fucked it up.

Bar exam study continues. I'm working from about 7am to 9:30pm STRAIGHT, with only breaks for meals and occasionally showering. I'm going to try and make room for exercise too once I stop feeling sick.
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From Summer Exploits 2010

Crappy cellphone picture — I forgot my camera!

I was able to get her lower leg swelling down by about one half with a very tight standing wrap last night. This is good news — if she stays too swollen it will impede her ever being a riding horse again. Hopefully we can reduce it more over the next couple days.

So the fluid moved to her belly and now she has a nice jiggy edema. This is okay too — better her belly than her leg! She kind of looks like she has a sheath and balls now the way the udder-swelling and edema look to casual inspection.

So this morning I got out my clay poultice and did a tight poultice wrap with that to see what kind of affect that would have on the swelling (as you can see, the clay was rather fun to play with). It's difficult to wrap the stifle area, but I'm getting better at it!

When I was leaving two red tails who were just getting their mature plumage (probably siblings) swooped in to greet me. They were literally five feet away from me in the grass and gave me a very sharp intelligent regard. That filled me with hope and awe. The red tail has appeared in the past, strongly associated with Deli, when she began the road to recovery after injuries. I have a feeling the red tail is HER spirit animal considering the first time one landed right next to her on a fence she nickered at it (this was during a serious illness at the EQC), which is odd behavior for a horse greeting a bird of prey.

I'm feeling truly hopeful for the first time in days that Deli will make a full recovery.

And I tried reducing the grain I mixed the antibiotics in and putting molasses in instead, and she ate it right up! Thanks for reminding dumbass-me that that works...


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