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I just had the BEST arena-ride. I've decided that I basically love my fleece breeches. Plus, I actually like the (fake) leather that goes all the way up to just UNDER my bum cheeks. It's very grippy but I don't feel like someone is grabbing my ass. Now I need to find my fleece-lined riding gloves.

The good news is that we cantered under saddle and she felt balanced and strong on that weaker lead! This is GREAT, because it means the rehabilitation really is working. And she was very attentive and moved off my leg so nicely, which was a treat. I also decided that our canter work is going to be done in a half-seat (since a real 2-point is impossible in my deep dressage saddle) because then we stay out of each others way. She picks up the canter much more comfortably and is getting used to the feeling of me being more forwardly balanced. For some reason I felt really balanced and with her today too — which is maybe why she was so responsive?

Oh, and it started snowing as I hopped off her. Lovely thick flakes that melted when they hit the ground. I still get ridiculously excited when it snows. Of course, now it's just freezing rain.

It's less exciting now that I'm home and I'm having to deal with our thermostat being broken. It's 50 degrees in the house (38 outside, so it is still warmer in here) so I'm a BIT chilly. Luckily I have a space heater I can sit next to while I study and waste electricity while I do.

I LOVE living here! It's so neat having occasional snow.
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These Cavallo pastern wraps might solve my problem if I add the gel pads to the bottom. It doesn't look like they would be affected by her fetlock scar either.

EGADS, what keeps EXPLODING in my neighborhood? 4th of July is long over, Portland-people.
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Want to do this photography contest. BUT what the hell to take photos of? I'm clearly not a city or people photographer... maybe I should open that door? Not sure how to take photos of strangers without seeming creepy though? Oooh! I just had a thought: what about photos of our many bridges with Mt. Hood in the background? Or something similar?

There is all this cool graffiti around Portland. My favorite is the tag that says: "DURING THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE MEET HERE" and then someone else tagged underneath "for coffee and doughnuts..." I hope the city didn't get rid of those. I was seriously laughing for two days straight.

I really want to go camping. Need camping buddies or a boyfriend that doesn't have to work.
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Her standing in mud aside, I've been doing diligent research to see HOW cold (and rainy) it ACTUALLY gets throughout the year in the Portland area. It's actually not that bad. The average low is 37*F in January/December (coldest months) and the average rainfall for those times is around 7 inches/month. It also looks like lightning and hard rains are NOT common, but that it drizzles from October to April non-stop, and rains a lot at night.

Of course last year it was MUCH colder, and they had those two weeks of snow too where everything was buried and frozen (including the roads!) so I should take that extreme into account too. Actually, snow wouldn't be bad because it would get her out of the mud!

Also, several people have told me that ICE storms are more common than snow, and happen at least once a winter. Alas, ice is so much more dangerous than snow. I'd hate to have to drive in icy conditions on some of these narrow windy roads. I would figure I would blanket for below-freezing conditions in that case.

Really though, if she can get one of the paddocks with a shelter I think she will be okay. They are almost all on a slight slope, so water should run off them okay. Especially compared to her past pasture situations, I think the mud might be LESS, but just stick around for longer. If I need to I can pay someone to check on her and make sure she isn't getting scratches or something similar, and to clean her feet.

Other than that I think I will get her a heavy weight blanket. If I do end up having time to ride her or get a regular leaser (which is ideal) I'm probably going to want to trace clip her as well to help her dry faster in her floofy winter coat (this was a problem last winter). So if you guys see a well-priced heavy-weight, let me know! I like Weatherbeetas the best. She is size 72". I Also think getting a neck attachment would be good if I'm planning on trace clipping her.

Right now her clothing consists of:
+ One old medium weight Weatherbeeta. Her first blanket and still in pretty good shape, but not as waterproof in the seams anymore. Could use as an under-blanket.
+ New medium weight Orican blanket. Good shape, waterproof.
+ Cotton cooler!
+ NEW (just bought) light water/wind proof sheet, which I thought would be valuable to get for layering and for those light drizzle days.

Need to get: heavy weight, preferably with neck!


Road trip!

Apr. 27th, 2009 09:24 am
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And we're off!

Ps. My mechanic once again proves he is awesome by fixing my wiper. Not by replacing the part (as he said: these things don't BREAK, so no one carries them but the factory), but by swapping out the wiper from his older Jetta. The wipers don't match, but they WORK. Ghetto rigging ftw! When I get back to Davis the part he ordered should be there and we can swap them again.

Any ideas for what a car mechanic might like as a "thank you" gift? He's saved my ass numerous times. Mostly: what kind of gift card would you get one? I've never seen him drink coffee, so Starbucks is out.
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Seriously. I've been grumpy, feeling rushed and annoyed as of late. The weather has been sunny, warm and DRY. I slept so well this morning because the cool air is back, and with it the rain.

I just heard the drizzle start and my back un-knotted, I relaxed and feel happier than I have in weeks. Now I am looking forward to going to the barn, where my pony will be happier (if damp—not point in blanketing her for this light rain).

I swapped out her full-cheek snaffle for the fat-curved-mouth french-link yesterday and rode her in it. Couldn't tell if she liked it better—I think you're supposed to give it a week? Regardless she did really well for the amount I have been riding her lately. We had some KICK-ASS downward transitions, which is proof that the massage and stretching is helping. Also, while she wasn't very relaxed in the trot, we got some great canter. We also cantered over poles with lots of success and did some stride-counting. I remember the days when cantering would make me tense up, grow stiff, and they are completely gone. When she's relaxed her canter is like flying. It is so deep and long and fluffy. I have no idea how to explain it properly. All I know is that when I've been riding other's horses as of late (which I have) I miss my horse. I like being able to steer with my seat, ride without reins, and watch her wild red hair whip over her neck as we face into the wind.

And we both love the rain.

I have a strong feeling that she will enjoy Portland once she settles in, not least because the wetter seasons mean more green grass to stuff her fat face with. The first snow we get I HAVE to go out to the barn though. I imagine her reaction will be highly amusing.


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