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I love kittens. I have always wanted a polydactyl cat. Especially if I could get a tuxedo poly kitten. Lame and particular I know, but I LOVE their huge deformed hands.

Lately I've been dreaming that I have this same dog. Basically what looks like a pit-mix of some kind that is a dark tan/auburn color. It almost looks like a pit-kelpie or pit-vizla cross from the color of it and the fact that it is fairly small. Maybe I will get this dog sometime in the future. I'm not a dog person, but if my life was in the right place I know I would enjoy having one.

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Not NOW obviously, but when the time comes...

Pet guinea pig or pet rat?

Guinea pig benefits: cuter, smell not as bad, Brian would like it better, can eat some green veggie scraps. More active during the day.
Cons: food more expensive (unless they can eat orchard grass!), less social.

Rat benefits: social and smart, easier to feed (can eat meat!) and I know way to much about rats/mice after working in the field for 3 years (though that was mostly with mice).
Cons: probably allergic to mice - might also be to rats because of this? Smellier too. More nocturnal.

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The conclusions is: Mir is doing great for an 18-almost-19 year old cat.

Everything in the blood work was smack-dab normal except her blood-urea nitrogen level was very slightly elevated. Basically a creatin (sp?) count which usually indicates kidney issues and not processing protein optimally. Her urine sample came back pretty good however, so they just recommended I find her a good low-protein geriatric-cat diet and get her blood checked again 6-12 months from now to keep an eye on her kidney function.

Finding a new food is going to be VERY annoying because she is sensitive to grains. I hatehatehate Science Diet - she was so greasy and unhealthy when on it before. They didn't think she was near serious enough to warrant any kind of prescription diet though.

I also need to give her daily glucosamine for her maybe-arthritis.

Her teeth looked good - some tartar, but not enough to need a tooth cleaning in such an old gal. No masses or weird lumps. Her nose-cancer looks about the same as it has for 6-7 years, and this vet agreed it's probably one of those non-invasive sarcoid/sarcomas - also not worth worrying about since it isn't itchy and grows SO slowly.

She doesn't have any other signs of kidney issues like weight loss or barfing - I just noticed she seemed to be peeing slightly more, which is why I took her in for blood work. According to the vet if I notice THAT much of a difference (literally it was one tick above "normal") in her habits, then she's in good hands. I know Mir has a small bladder because she has a thickened bladder wall from having like 3 bladder stones removed in her youth, so that was something I factored in too.

So the summary of results: doing SUPER for an elderly kitty, kidneys not bad but I'll need to keep an eye on them, and what is probably a touch of arthritis in her deformed leg/foot.

I'll do some research on the other Wellness diets - maybe the one for urinary-tract health would be good for her. Any recommendations for high-end brands (without corn or wheat for SURE) that have good senior/ancient cat dry food diets? She isn't overweight and only tends to get fat and nasty if she is eating grains so...

I hope she keeps on trucking for many years to come. Ahh kitties!
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I don't really know how to be fashionable when it comes to girl's clothing. Ask me what the newer styles for guys are and I'd have a clue, but I never really learned how to be a girl. For me I'm not someone who likes wearing baggy clothes for comfort all the time. I prefer to show off my awesome boobs with a neat T-shirt and jeans (which I guess still counts as comfortable). I am such a tomboy.

Also, my UNTAMED bird wants to spend time with me today, apparently. By sitting on my head and alternating between singing happily and pecking me. This makes me happy!


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