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... burst today! I bet they were just waiting for the sun!

My favorite of the shots:
From Summer Exploits 2010

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From the Cosmic Variance blog—which is related to Discover (a science) magazine I got when I had the money.

Wikipedia entry on Pando!

Article text under the cut! )

I think I'm in love.
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I don't usually ask for things like this because I am a skeptic but... for snow leopards I will do ANYTHING.

The Snow Leopard Trust ( needs our help!

They would like to you to sign up for their eNews and have others sign up as well. For every new subscriber, the Kearsley Fund will donate $2 to the Snow Leopard Trust. Their goal is 3000, but they are NOWHERE CLOSE! However, if we all sign up and post this in our journals, we can help donate up to $6000 for snow leopard conservation. That's my plan anyway!

Visit here for more info on this particular donation spree and newsletter sign-ups.

It hurts you in NO way.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]First off, only spotted hyena females have penises (one species out of several), the field mice sleeping northwest is a myth, and kangaroos don't even walk, they 'hop'.

That being said, nature is not "weird". Weird is a construct of the human mind. Everything that goes on in nature is that way because of millions, no BILLIONS, of years of tinkering and rebirth and evolution and complex relationships between communities. Nature is fascinating.

What's weird is human-people, and how they think they exist separate from the world that made them. Other people's responses to this prove my theory.


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