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I woke up this morning fairly early with the idea in my head that I would go un-blanket Deli. But I could hear the soft patter of rain so I just rolled over and went back to sleep. I sleep so much better when it is raining! It does mean that I’m not going to be doing the stuff with Deli I was planning on doing. That’s okay—she should become accustomed to me not having as much time to spend with her every day because sometimes I DO have too much on my plate. I really want to go to Stateline tack today to get some Thrushbuster and look around. Perhaps, if they are reasonably priced, a shedding blade (which can also be my sweat scraper!) and a poly web bridle. It is very annoying to continue to have to keep all my tack in my car as I haven’t yet discovered a tack room with space *grumble*. I have NO money right now so I need to be discreet with my purchases. Begging my dad for more is a bad idea at this time.

My essay was horrible but I turned it in anyways. I’m hoping for a B on the essay, giving me at least an A- in the class if I do well enough on the final tomorrow.

Sandy also finished looking at my latest revised thesis and wants me to turn it in by the end of the week. Eep! I want to start tackling that chore tonight if possible.

I’m a bad person and I have been calling all the studios and one bedroom places in Davis. Alas—all the apartments within my price range have fat wait lists. So, today I should call more people about the 3-4 bedrooms. Allison and Warren are not helping in the house search at all. Which is annoying because I am by far the busiest out of us due to my extra honors work, getting the English club book to the publishers, Deli, and all my normal school work and WORK on top of that. La dee dah.

And gal dernit, I want to ride! I need to go slowly with Deli, but it is so hard! I’m planning on riding her after my last final on the 20th for sure. As a reward for me. By then I’ll have her less annoyed by the bit and there should be a sunny day in there where I can have the roundpen to myself for a good amount of time.

I am so unmotivated.
For example, the sink is full of MY dishes (that never happens) and my room is chaotic (that rarely happens) and I’m relegated to eating canned veggies for every meal because I have no money left for food.
I am also annoyed. If Mary could get that $100 to me around now that would make me very happy; and if John could get me that $35 (and the $100 he OWES Brian from last summer!) it would make me happy too; and if Allison could give me the money she owes me then… I’d be set. It would solve my not-being-able-to-eat woes. Seriously people. Whenever I owe money I pay it back as soon as possible. And yet, these people tell me they have the money and are going to pay me back soon and NOTHING. Ugh.

It is a good thing that Brian is busy today because I would waste even more time if he was free to snuggle.

On Saturday I’m going to be gone most of the day. Grandma and Jenny are going to pick me up, along with Brian (I have to remember to call them and let them know I’m bringing the boy) to come see my mom’s play at the children’s theater. She is an ugly step sister in Cinderella. I may just not visit Deli, or check on her briefly when I get home that night. Saturday is normally our “day off” so it should work out okay.

Grandma also told me that if she could catch one, she is going to get me one of her lovebirds. She is trying to get rid of them because they are taking over her aviary. So I need to set up my bird cage Friday.

This is awesome:

Hi Marie,

I have a thank you note and horse goodies for you under my desk cubby.
They are from your student Tiffany.
See you soon!


I love good students! And students that give me things.

I think I am going to go to Stateline. I need a break that means getting out of the house or stable, even if it does burn up gas! Plus, a big pet store? I could browse there for quite some time. Then, on the way back to visiting Deli, I’ll get myself a Jamba Juice. Warren gave me a $10 giftcard because I got him some cash for this druggie he wants to sleep with. He gave me a check for the cash so no worries!

Things I NEED to do tonight:

Study for 113b final.
Get more sleep.
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So I actually got a fair amount done today, even with the boy spending the night last night. Even studied when he was here last night .
Yep. I’m a good girl.

Pony updates:

Today Deli got her teeth floated AND I wormed her while she was drunk on tranquilizers. No, she really is not good about things being stuck in her mouth.
It was quite funny leading her to the round pen when she was sedated. She kept crossing her legs. I put her in the round pen because I didn’t want her falling in the deep mud in her pasture, realized I’d left the wormer at my house, sped home to get it and sped back so that she wasn’t without me long. We are also not supposed to leave horses unattended in the arenas but luckily I told the one person there that my horse was drugged and no one else was around.
So, for future reference, the Cache Creek Vet hospital (in Woodland) is good for teeth floating. They did not use power tools but got the job done quickly. [For my own sake their number is: (530) 666-7322].
She really did need her teeth done.

The other day I discovered that Deli does have a buck in her. I wondered because even when galloping around I have never seen her to more than kick out. Well, when it is brisk but sunny, and the saddle is on her while she is galloping/cantering… lets just say that she is a talented bucker. She can really throw her hind end up and SPIN at the same time. Oy. I hate the spinning. That kills me. According to her original trainer she never actually bucked with a rider on though.

Everything is going well with her. When the bridles arrive (within the next week) I’m going to start getting her used to the bridle/bit. More than likely I’m going to free-lunge her with the bridle on. I’m also trying to remember how to train a horse to lower their head when you place a hand on their poll. That will be useful. I like my new cotton snap on reins. Hopefully the bit I got her will work. If not I’m sure I can find a buyer—it is a curved-mouthpiece medium-thickness French-link eggbutt snaffle.

I did get the vet bill today: $270.80 altogether, with the drugs being the most expensive part. Eep! And unfortunately they aren’t allowing payments so *groan* I get to call my Dad and beg again. I feel lame.

HOWEVER Allison just got a big paycheck and told me that she can get me my money this week and take me out to a dinner and movie. Yay, a hot date with a girl!
John also notified me when I bothered him today that he is going to send me a check for the $135 he owes Brian and I. $100 for Brian (finally!) and $35 for me. That will help quite a bit believe it or not.

Update on my more personal life … )

Things I did get done:

-Returned Denali’s blanket, the smaller dressage girth, and gave Leah a check for the girth that fits Deli.
-Said hi to Denali (Happy Birthday too!)
-Talked to people at the barn, including hassling John for money.
-The teeth floating and worming for Deli of course.
-Midterm over with!
-Turned in poetry application for Sandy’s class.
-I got some knitting done… during BONES (I love that show!)
-Registered for a bogus GE class. The last I have to take!
-Showered and enjoyed my new soap and the warmth.
-I also sent out the check for the vet bill. Sigh. I am so POOR!
-Regardless, I treated myself to coffee today.

Otherwise I just watched movies (the Simpsons), ate, and got absolutely NOTHING done. Now I’m going to go to bed early and sleep in (or can I? I should check the weather to see if I need to un-blanket Deli tomorrow morning).
EDIT: Showers expected! I’m so sleeping in.

And I’m jealous of [ profile] catwithclaws because she has a new bunny that has markings like a panda.

There are things I want to rant about but it is bed time.
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Okay I’m trying not to think about the money because it is something I don’t have much power over. Instead I’m thinking about the time.

With Barn Supping I’ll work four hour shifts maybe 3 times a week. And lets say I have 2 lessons a week. That equals sixteen hours which in turn equals about (x7.25 though that pay raise may increase it?) $116. So on a bi-weekly basis I would be making $232 before taxes. Board for a pipe pen is $195, and probably less if I can get in the pasture (which would be ideal as this pony is probably high-energy) which means I would have $37 remaining. Thank goodness months are longer than two weeks!
I also need to think about shoeing, which would be around $110 every three months or so.

Still if you add about two hours five or six days a week (I would probably work her five days a week, though not necessarily riding her that much) that is 12 more hours per week equaling 28 hours of work outside of school and all my other commitments. That isn’t even a full time jobs amount of hours outside of school, but it is a whole heck of a lot more than I’m used to. I’m taking two classes this quarter and I WILL have to use the ceramics lab seeing how I just paid $70 to access it. Not to mention my honors class.

Getting this horse would mean next to no free time this quarter. How I’ve calculated it I will still have my “lazy Saturdays” with Brian. Computer games will be out. Doing art, for the time being, will be out. I REALLY need to start on my honors project! Also, if I am going to write about horses, having a horse couldn’t hurt.

I have a feeling she is too much of a greenie for me. If she is a moderate greenie it wouldn’t be so bad because she sounds like she has had EXTENSIVE ground work done on her.

Ugh. So much to think about. So much to do.

Today I’m going to try out the ceramics lab, most likely between classes (when I would normally go to the gym).

I need to call VMSH(?) and see how much things cost-- ie. stitches from a cut or a check up visit...
Yes, even potential emergency services need to be calculated in.


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