Jan. 21st, 2009 11:04 am
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I made this list of movies I need to own at some point. Yes, I do like old Disney movies (animated stuff in general), GOOD horror (or the B stuff for giggles) and foreign films (though I seem to own more of those). My favorite thing to watch though is... wildlife and nature documentaries. If any of you haven't seen the complete "Planet Earth" (the one narrated by Attenborough), you. Must. See. It. LOVE.
The list. I'm sure I've forgotten some... )


Mar. 9th, 2006 09:38 am
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Intresting relationship meme. I should have Brian take this for grapes and giggles.
Meme: love languages. )

Plans for today:
+ Clean room at some point, if not today, then tomorrow.
+ Class and meet with Kelsey to go over the oral exam. Study for 113b class before class.
+ Visit Deli.
+ Check mail box for packages (bridle arriving soon!)
+ Knitting class at 7:30 (take the bus?). Sadly I don't have the money to buy a circular knitting needle so my teacher is going to grumble. Ah well.
+ Write up revisions for poems, and write some more? It’s getting down to the wire so I really have to put my back to this.

Allison wanted to go out to a movie and dinner tonight which could happen if I went to see Deli now. But I am unmotivated to get dirty at the moment. This room needs cleaning! Maybe she can take me out Sunday before our shows *evil grin*.

+ Class!
+ Meeting with Sandy.
+ Teaching 4-6pm I think…
+ Visit Deli when time allows.

 My “boy” day officially, so I’m going to play it by ear. I would still like to go and check on Deli at least. Maybe if the bridle arrives by then, free lunge her in it.
 I have decided officially to move to the EQC when a space opens up. It will make everything easier and Deli SHOULD get used to a loud busy place. It would be good for her.

The forecast says showers for the next couple days. Right now it is sunny and practically cloud free of course! However, it is fairly cold so she will be okay in her blanket.

I calculated out that I will need to make around $18,000 a year to support myself and that is NOT factoring in insurance because I haven’t figured that out yet. Oy. What am I to do? I need to find some mind-numbing, well paying job that I can work full time at and bring home a tasty paycheck. I do have a car so a short commute is possible! I would really like to stay in Davis too…


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