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Now I'm waffling. I had my eyes on the Zilco Marathon. It's still my top contender because I love how adjustable it is, and it would match my breast plate. I could also turn it into a RATHER tame halter side-pull as they have pictured here. I was thinking about getting the sheepskin nose cover anyway, because the Zilco straps are pretty thin and I'd worry they would irritate Deli.

However, this RJ halter-bridle combination is much cheaper, and looks more comfortable. It does not look like the nose-band piece is adjustable though, which could be an issue due to Deli's thick nose. I tend to keep my noseband looser on trails so she can eat more freely, but she still needs something there since she will gap her mouth to avoid the bit if she is being really bad. This company also makes an attractive side pull that I THINK I could attach bit hangers to, which they also sell separately (you see that upper ring? Would that be too high to attach a bit?).

I started looking at the RJ rope tack because I found their reins to be just what I was looking for. I'll probably be getting those whether I get I get the Zilco or the RJ bridle.

So, if cost, comfort (for Deli), adjust-ability, ease-of-use and style were what you were concerned about, which would you go for? I can afford to get the Zilco at this point, but spending less would be better for my overall finances. They both come in royal blue, so that's less of an issue. I am planning on getting bit guards for Deli's trail bridle since I could only find loose-ring versions of the sweet iron french link I got her. That bit should be more comfy for long rides than her dressage bridle, and she usually seems more willing to drink with the bit in if it's copper or sweet iron.

I have my SnugPax pommel bag picked out for purchase too. She is going to look smashing all in blue with her dark dark red coat.
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Thanks for all your input!

The blog is now live at Red Mare Running, so check it out, comment, follow, whatever.
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Bunny Warrior
by ~lurath on deviantART

I spent a LONG time getting the pose right, and I'm pleased with how it turned out.

The weather here today is pretty crazy — very windy and rainy. It's nice weather to study in! Which is what I need to do now... lots of Administrative Law reading to do, and potentially work on my law review write-on once I get the password today.
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Does anyone else read cakewrecks?
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This is cool: calculate chances of getting certain colors.

Of course with Deli being a chestnut, it isn't hard to figure out what kind of babies she would throw anyways. Her dad was bay, her mom was chestnut—pretty sure neither of them had any apparent dilutions. Deli does seem like she might roan out with time. She has white hairs on her shoulder, white spots on her bum, and white hairs intermingled in her mane.

Not that color matters, but it is fun to think about!

My least favorite color is fleabitten grey. I love chocolate/seal brown horses, and yes, I like pintos too. Dark chestnuts like Deli catch my eye more than anything now though.
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Scary Bible Quotes anyone?

I also joined the Pernese Fanzine/RPing group Kadanzer Weyr

And Zombie is being crazy. She loves the new loop-perch I put in. She is also climbing all over the cuttlebone I got.

I'm going to exercize in here and then get ready for going out.


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