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But this month I've had Deli for 5 years.

Hard to believe.

I can still vividly remember that terrible first day she was mine.

On the other hand, look how far we've come! Plus, she's the one that makes me believe in love at first sight. I love that I get to brag about her. She's no schoolmaster but we definitely have a rapport that makes all the ladies at the barn jealous. Although in all honesty, being able to turn herself around on the lunge line by a verbal isn't THAT amazing, but they don't have her juicy big brain to work with.

Also, Leah? I don't think I ever properly thanked you for being so awesome and supportive that first year. So, thanks!


Sep. 25th, 2010 06:05 pm
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I'm pretty hardcore when it comes to injuries. I have an extremely high pain tolerance. This isn't always a good thing because I tend to be able to ignore pain until it becomes intense and serious. But injuries to my fingers make my brain explode, even when they don't hurt. I can serioulsy get my knee ripped in half and stay concious, but slicing the tip of my finger open with a knife will make me pass out cold.

Like just now I dropped a huge cast-iron pan on my middle finger. No cuts, but the tip of the finger is oozing blood from the skin and from underneath my nail (which is bent... eww). Pretty sure I passed out for a few seconds when I sat on the floor.

Of course, if I even mentioned this to Brian he WOULD pass out. After my accident I had killer road rash on one elbow — like not a huge amount, but what I did have was VERY deep. Definitely close to the bone. When I took off the bandage the hospital had put on hurridly it started to bleed BADLY, like blood gushing down my arm. That made me feel a bit faint, but not immediately. It was a lot of blood though, so that would explain the faintness. Of course, when Brian walked in and saw the huge splashes of blood on the floor (because I had to run to the linen closet to get a towel to press on it) and the huge swirls of blood in the sink he had to sit and put his head between his knees.

Wimpy boy is adorable. I'll bandage up my finger before he can see it though.

That's what I get for doing dishes and cleaning up the house to avoid doing the studying I need to do. And yes, I'm typing with my injured finger. Which hurts.

I'm kind of fascinated by blood oozing when there is no cut though. I think the tip of my finger is going to fall off.
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I'm so stressed about this particular exam that I am on the verge of tears.

But when I force myself to remember what I COULD be doing, it matters less that I might not get an A or even a B. Failing at something interesting is apparently better than succeeding at something I hate.

Which explains why I like riding so much!

Time for a deep breath, some tea, and maybe a pastry.

At least I will have a week or so of not-knowing-my-grades-bliss-vacation!
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I want to learn to play the harmonica and guitar. TOGETHER OMG.

Just saying.

Also, my studying soundtrack is apparently a bit odd. Listening to Bird and the Bee, various A.A. Bondy stuff, Freezepop, and Storm Large. And other various synth-pop songs.

The music makes a difference!

I had a laugh this morning when my leaser informed me that she gave dirty-Deli a bath yesterday and she proceeded to roll for nearly 10 minutes straight. Hmm, perhaps I should have warned her? But seriously amusing.

Can you tell my brain is a bit frayed at the ends atm?

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Just wanted to plug my community [ profile] eq_conformation with the hopes to draw in others that like analysis of horse conformation. And posters other than me!

Other than that I've been having a real vacation the past two days. I've done absolutely nothing productive and it actually feels good. I have however been having these killer migraines as of late. I think it's my eyes telling me that I need a new prescription. In the meantime I'm going to avoid driving and things where I have to see far away.

Other than that, Deli's leg is looking better and better. I'm still expecting the need for her to stay in light work for 1-2 months more at least. I rode her (finally!) bareback the other day and had quite a bit of fun. She is also being introduced onto the grass now and has turned into a little bitch when it comes to turnout. Mostly in that she paws at the gate to the grass pasture and refuses to do more than pick at her hay.

My horse is a doofus, but I love her.
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I keep looking at this 2008 Shagya (black!) filly that I found randomly when wasting time before class. I need to stop because I get this heart tugging (and ovary-tugging — those people that say I don't have a maternal drive are so wrong!) and desire to have her whenever I look.

Deli is a "lifer", as they say. I'm always glad I have my little redhead and she is a good match for me. I hope she sticks around till she's 30. Still, someday I want to get a weanling filly (or yearling) to train up from that young age (as I often wish I could have done with Deli!).


Maybe when I have my farm.

But the baby will probably be my 3rd horse, as I have the need for a more beginner-level horse for Brian so we can do more horse camping, trails and games. I'm also thinking that this horse I get for Brian would be even more awesome if he/she was already trained and a packer for lower level jumping, so I can learn to jump on this horse. I think if I were to get competitive it will probably be in dressage or endurance (and Deli can get me a decent way in those areas — especially endurance if we put effort into it), but I'd really like to learn jumping too! Bounces look especially fun.

So, after graduating and getting that nice job in a firm I will get a truck/trailer, then a horse for Brian, then a weaner!

These are the most fun plans to make.

I'm looking at Shagyas, Shagya/Andy crosses, and Andy/Arabian crosses in particular for my dream weenie right now. With the expectation that I will want to do lots of endurance and dressage and some jumping (all-around type, obviously). I really like Shagyas because they are basically large (around 16hh) and more beefy Arabs — and used primarily for Calvary in Hungary so they are pretty well-suited for dressage. And bigger horses would be better for huge 'ol me!

Hum. What are YOUR future horse plans?
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I wonder if I'm the only person who find a black widow and carefully scoops it up in my hand and moves it to a cool dark place that is more appropriate.

I also dug out my cat-carrier from the closet and started crying, remembering how I carried Maple's body home in it. I dusted it off and put it out on the mailboxes for someone else to have. It is clean, but "stuff" like that reminds me of to much pain.

Some dogs really like me now. They escape from their owners and find me as I work outside.
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Hello world: I need sleep. And food. If I don't get it soon I'm going to get sick.



Jan. 28th, 2009 04:36 pm
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Apparently this is what I was waiting for: I got my first acceptance letter today!

I'm incredibly pleased. It now feels official—I'm going to graduate school!

I also got a $22,000 yearly scholarship.

P.s. Willamette.
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YES. Taking a couple hours to just bum around and relax DOES make a person feel better. I KNEW this, but I get incredibly anxious when I call in sick (a throwback from the abuse I experienced at JAX perhaps? They did threaten me to come in the day after I spent six hours in the emergency room dying). So I'm still feeling a little stuffy, but I can BREATH again, nausea gone, and I feel some energy coming back. I have two days off now, so I'm going to continue to be nice to myself.

Good things: Dr. Horrible soundtrack. If Dr. Horrible was real I'd marry him. I think Brian would understand.

I rode! Yay! I was good and took it easy-only about ten minutes of riding after I lunged her. Deli was surprisingly good for having not worked in a week (but yes, she was hyper as heck). We had our best downward transition ever, with her sitting back so nicely that I actually felt her bum go DOWN and her back lift. I'm not sure what I did to make that happen... I think it was accident I need to fiddle with. Lunging her over raised poles and tiny cross rails HAS been making a difference. When I ask her to step up it feels like she has more of an engine than usual.

Also, you know what's neat? Now when lunging her without equipment or anything but a bridle (sometimes just a halter) Deli will drop her head and lift her back. It is so neat to see! She's figuring out that it feels good to move like that.

Other than that I've been cleaning, watched Boy Culture on my new widescreen, and accidentally flooded the bathroom. Which led to me scrubbing the whole bathroom. Living with Brian has made me appreciate the fact that women don;t just generate FLUFF. He's clean and he always does the bathroom, but wherever he goes he brings fluff with him.

I really wish I had the impetus to really get my project Infinity Roads (found at [ profile] infinity_roads for now) up and running. I'm too critical of my art and it slows me down. And yet my favorite stuff is my scribbly fluid sketches. I just need to get out there and SCRIBBLE it. Webcomics always start out with lame art (yes, it's a comic), but people come for the STORY. And I have an awesome story. I'm also in love with the main character, Kahalie (pictured in title page). That's another man I'd marry if he didn't come from my brain!

Anyone interested in reading a webcomic? Maybe if I knew I had people reading I would be inspired. It is fantasy/cyberpunk/magic/technology/dragons/angst/love/fighting/unicorns (not your typical kind)/sex/stuff that will make you think. Oh, and it WILL be rated R. But only because the main character is Kahalie. Hard to explain really without a long-winded explanation...
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My little girl is seven today, which means I’ve had her almost three months!

Today, my plan for her is to work her lightly, comb at least her mane (tail is she doesn’t get bored), graze her and leave her with a carrot/apple/All-In-One mixture. If my brain cooperates I’m also going to take pictures.

My day yesterday wasn’t a complete loss. I went home after class nearly dead from hunger and found Brian there doing my morning dishes, folding my towels, and being sweet. He then made me dinner and we talked about horses (horse colors—something he is actually interested in). Then in my lovely exhausted way, we went to bed.

I also made a cup-thing in ceramics and got very dirty.

For today:
Go to class, come home, go to the Stonegate office and make sure they got my Dad’s fax (now he is afraid of identity theft), and give them another application processing fee and the new phone # I found for my old apartment. Apparently I don’t exist in their records. Pffft.
Then I get to visit Deli.
Then come home again and go BACK to class, go trim my cups/pots, then come home and clean/start my essay at around 6.
I’m feeling selfish and want Brian to come over instead of going to his usual club meeting.
Oh yeah, and I should eat at some point too.
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So, it is official: I love busy-stress. When I say “love” I don’t mean I’m googly-eyes giddy, I just mean it makes me happy to have my brain tingly and busy. The only problem with this lately has been Warren, but I think I’ve complained about that enough for a bit, right? The ignoring him is working well, though he takes a long time to get hints. Dhur.

Seriously though, links to my art-stuff inside! Bwaha. )

Sleep time now.


Apr. 4th, 2006 10:16 pm
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So what? )
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I’m debating… and this is a toughie because the weather has been so odd lately, but I really want to start leaving Deli’s blanket off more. I’m worried about her though—she still coughs when starting to exercise, sometimes coughing up small amounts of mucous. It has been about a month since her episode and the vets did say that her lungs may be vulnerable for an undetermined amount of time. She doesn’t have deep coughs and is otherwise fine, and the nights have been getting warmer. I’ll just have to play it by… feel.

In other news she is shedding huge amounts. While Shinto LOOKED fuzzier when I had her, Deli seems to be shedding out more. I can’t wait till her summer coat come in! She is going to be so pretty (more so). My head feels much better today, as do my pulled muscles. There is so much I want to DO with Deli, but it includes riding, which I shouldn’t do, and walking out on the irrigation ditches, which I think she couldn’t do sanely today because of the wind. I’m still somewhat frustrated about this whole business, so I may clean some of Leah’s stalls today to help her out so that she can, if she has time, help me out. I shouldn’t be in a rush, but I feel rushed and anxious for some reason.

In other news, I HATE the wind. I’m serious, if I could pick one kind of weather I would gladly go without, it would be windy days. Strangely enough, the kind of wind you get on a beach doesn’t bother me, but rather exhilarates me. Valley wind however makes me grumpy to the nth degree. It makes me sour; it makes me uncomfortable and gives me a headache. I can’t go outside during the summers when we have the lovely hot windy days. The feel of it on my skin just makes me want to scream.

Yesterday I was in a fairly bad mood throughout. The combination of wind and period cramps gave me a headache, which on top of the concussion speaking, was terrible even with painkiller. I took Brian to the SCA thing because he really wanted to go, but we ended up leaving earlier than he probably would have liked because I was feeling so uncomfortable. It was very wet and windy there, and many things were not set up because the field was basically one big puddle. Despite that, the fighting was VERY cool. I thought it was going to be more make-believe than real but WOW, everyone was dressed in armor (medieval) and many of them had shields. They wielded “stick weapons” which they literally beat each other over the head with. It was quite fun to watch. Brian decided for himself that I would not be an honorable fighter (I kept saying, “Why don’t they hit them in the back, or bash them with their sword?”) whereas he would be “killed” very quickly by these huge knights. Anyhoo, the SCA seems fun.

Brian showed up at my house around 8:00 yesterday morning with pancakes and a kiss. It was lovely to be woken by him. The only bad thing about that was that I woke up at 8:00 of course. He fixed my license plate while I got ready to go, and we visited Deli. She still loves him and he had a good laugh over her massive shedding while we brushed her. He also pointed out that I should trust my instincts with her because I’m getting to know her well. It was unusually busy at the barn (+ windy) when we got there so she was visibly nervous (not bad in any way, just tense). I told Brian that she would calm down when we started grooming her—and she did. She is very itchy and loves being groomed. I can’t wait to give her a nice bath when the weather warms up and stays warm. She might disagree. She isn’t a huge fan of water!

After the SCA outing Brian and I came back to my place and I rested my head. Eventually I ended up taking him to ice cream at Cold Stone for the evening, and we made tacos for dinner. Sadly he didn’t stay the night because he intended to visit his parents this weekend. BAD planning on his part because I told my parents I would visit them next weekend. The boy really isn’t good at organizing things.

I’m supposed to do a midday training shift today so I’m going to get to it. No contacts today because if I wear them my eyes are going to kill me.
I wish I could go back to bed and sleep another 24 hours or so. I had more odd Andrew-dreams that left me feeling "huh?"


Mar. 24th, 2006 11:40 am
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I’m awake!
Erf, I'm still very ouchie. The head isn't constantly throbbing anymore, so that's good. It is just when I move. I ripped up my upper body muscles on my left side nicely so my left arm is less than useful. Ah well.
Leah's cute younger horse Drakkara coliced yesterday but the she is doing better now, thank goodness! That is ALWAYS always scary.
Brian has been taking care of me more or less. I didn’t DO much yesterday and was having problems sleeping because of my sore muscles and headache. So he read to me until I relaxed. He also cooked me dinner and fixed my VCR so that in the evening we were able to watch some of the movies Leah so kindly gave to me. By that point I was feeling better so we talked a bit and he went home—then he got on WoW and we partied for a bit. I got to bed around 3 because I picked up a new book.
Debating what to do today…
Because I got a paycheck!
I need to save some “usable” money for SCA tomorrow (yay! I’m excited) but I might have enough to go out with James or Brooke or something similar.
In a bit I’m going to go visit Deli. I think I’m going to keep the activity low because I don’t want to stress my head. But I’m going to lunge and graze most definitely, probably without the saddle/bridle and in the round pen so that there is no chance of her jerking off my arm with the lunge line (she rarely does that but still). The totally awesome people I met through livejournal have offered to help me with Deli, which is comforting. I’m glad my system of being mad/afraid of her for one day and then letting it go worked—it is unreasonable but SHE never saw those emotions (plus after I went to see her cuteness won me over quickly). I’m also going to ask Cheryl (sp?) to maybe back her a few times and give me lessons when she can. She is a great rider! Deli’s thrush is also clearing up after one round of thrushbuster. It’s worth the $ and spraying her feet with something that wouldn’t stick would have been useless.

Eeep I need to find a place to live next year. Scary!
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I woke up this morning fairly early with the idea in my head that I would go un-blanket Deli. But I could hear the soft patter of rain so I just rolled over and went back to sleep. I sleep so much better when it is raining! It does mean that I’m not going to be doing the stuff with Deli I was planning on doing. That’s okay—she should become accustomed to me not having as much time to spend with her every day because sometimes I DO have too much on my plate. I really want to go to Stateline tack today to get some Thrushbuster and look around. Perhaps, if they are reasonably priced, a shedding blade (which can also be my sweat scraper!) and a poly web bridle. It is very annoying to continue to have to keep all my tack in my car as I haven’t yet discovered a tack room with space *grumble*. I have NO money right now so I need to be discreet with my purchases. Begging my dad for more is a bad idea at this time.

My essay was horrible but I turned it in anyways. I’m hoping for a B on the essay, giving me at least an A- in the class if I do well enough on the final tomorrow.

Sandy also finished looking at my latest revised thesis and wants me to turn it in by the end of the week. Eep! I want to start tackling that chore tonight if possible.

I’m a bad person and I have been calling all the studios and one bedroom places in Davis. Alas—all the apartments within my price range have fat wait lists. So, today I should call more people about the 3-4 bedrooms. Allison and Warren are not helping in the house search at all. Which is annoying because I am by far the busiest out of us due to my extra honors work, getting the English club book to the publishers, Deli, and all my normal school work and WORK on top of that. La dee dah.

And gal dernit, I want to ride! I need to go slowly with Deli, but it is so hard! I’m planning on riding her after my last final on the 20th for sure. As a reward for me. By then I’ll have her less annoyed by the bit and there should be a sunny day in there where I can have the roundpen to myself for a good amount of time.

I am so unmotivated.
For example, the sink is full of MY dishes (that never happens) and my room is chaotic (that rarely happens) and I’m relegated to eating canned veggies for every meal because I have no money left for food.
I am also annoyed. If Mary could get that $100 to me around now that would make me very happy; and if John could get me that $35 (and the $100 he OWES Brian from last summer!) it would make me happy too; and if Allison could give me the money she owes me then… I’d be set. It would solve my not-being-able-to-eat woes. Seriously people. Whenever I owe money I pay it back as soon as possible. And yet, these people tell me they have the money and are going to pay me back soon and NOTHING. Ugh.

It is a good thing that Brian is busy today because I would waste even more time if he was free to snuggle.

On Saturday I’m going to be gone most of the day. Grandma and Jenny are going to pick me up, along with Brian (I have to remember to call them and let them know I’m bringing the boy) to come see my mom’s play at the children’s theater. She is an ugly step sister in Cinderella. I may just not visit Deli, or check on her briefly when I get home that night. Saturday is normally our “day off” so it should work out okay.

Grandma also told me that if she could catch one, she is going to get me one of her lovebirds. She is trying to get rid of them because they are taking over her aviary. So I need to set up my bird cage Friday.

This is awesome:

Hi Marie,

I have a thank you note and horse goodies for you under my desk cubby.
They are from your student Tiffany.
See you soon!


I love good students! And students that give me things.

I think I am going to go to Stateline. I need a break that means getting out of the house or stable, even if it does burn up gas! Plus, a big pet store? I could browse there for quite some time. Then, on the way back to visiting Deli, I’ll get myself a Jamba Juice. Warren gave me a $10 giftcard because I got him some cash for this druggie he wants to sleep with. He gave me a check for the cash so no worries!

Things I NEED to do tonight:

Study for 113b final.
Get more sleep.
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I have a fair bit to do today and I’m going to be doing it all on less sleep than I should thanks to my roommates. I still have to decide if I want Warren to live with me, even WITH my demands (not having a room near his, and my own bathroom). The fact is the more people the better my rent will be. One and two bedroom apartments are comparatively more expensive per person for what you get than a larger house. I’m definitely living with Allison, hopefully in west (or north) Davis.

The plan is, at the moment, to stay in Davis for at least another year. If I stay past that I will most likely be getting my own place. If a full time job can’t pay for that then it must not be a good job. If I can get a fairly good job here, then perhaps I’ll stay longer. I had a small discussion with Brian about our futures. Considering everything I think a long distance relationship would be painful for the both of us. He thought about it and isn’t necessarily gung-ho about living with me no matter where I go to school. I am more flexible than that but lets face it—if anyone is going to be going to grad school, or moving far away, it is ME.
Still I really love the west coast. And I love Davis too. However, if grad school becomes something I really want to do, I can’t let Brian hold me back. At least I don’t have to worry about this for awhile!

Deli is doing well, though I haven’t had huge amounts of time for her lately. It has been okay though because I’ve still been visiting her, lunging her, and cleaning her daily. I’ve been feeling particularly exhausted as of late—plus the cold and rain makes me want to just snuggle in bed all day, preferably with the boy. Being woken up early doesn’t help either.

I have a final essay (not started) due Wednesday.
I have to talk to my major advisor about the honors thesis (basically they never told us WHAT we have to do for it—i.e. when it is due, what needs to be done for it, who should it be turned in to, etc. I have an almost complete thesis—I just need to uber-revise the poems I have and figure out a good order. I’m going to work on revisions on campus today and give them to Sandy this evening.
Spanish oral exam today in 2 hours. So sleepy.
I need to visit Deli. I’m thinking about attaching reins to her when I lunge today. My bridle should be arriving within the next couple days so I’m going to start lunging her in that too. Her feet are holding up OK. The stall mats are helping, which makes me happy.

Yesterday Deli got her head caught under the lead rope and freaked out by pulling back. The rope was caught around her poll. She may have strained a muscle because she seemed a bit stiff when I lunged her afterwards. However, when I visited later she was normal. When she panicked she kind of bumped me aside (nothing bad) and I quickly got to her head and talked softly to her and she relaxed enough for me to untie the rope. I love how she responds to my voice now and most of the time relaxes when she hears me. She was fine. She is such a sensible mare. For example—she had never been tied in her life and I have been tying her since she got here (gradually making the line shorter, actually tying the knot, etc.) and it has never bothered her except when she does something dumb (which even a horse trained to tie could do) like getting her head stuck under the rope.

I think after all that (I should be done around 5-6) I’m going to shower and take a nap. Then I’m going to start (and finish if I can) my essay tonight. That will leave me less stressed for our dance class Tuesday evening.

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So I actually got a fair amount done today, even with the boy spending the night last night. Even studied when he was here last night .
Yep. I’m a good girl.

Pony updates:

Today Deli got her teeth floated AND I wormed her while she was drunk on tranquilizers. No, she really is not good about things being stuck in her mouth.
It was quite funny leading her to the round pen when she was sedated. She kept crossing her legs. I put her in the round pen because I didn’t want her falling in the deep mud in her pasture, realized I’d left the wormer at my house, sped home to get it and sped back so that she wasn’t without me long. We are also not supposed to leave horses unattended in the arenas but luckily I told the one person there that my horse was drugged and no one else was around.
So, for future reference, the Cache Creek Vet hospital (in Woodland) is good for teeth floating. They did not use power tools but got the job done quickly. [For my own sake their number is: (530) 666-7322].
She really did need her teeth done.

The other day I discovered that Deli does have a buck in her. I wondered because even when galloping around I have never seen her to more than kick out. Well, when it is brisk but sunny, and the saddle is on her while she is galloping/cantering… lets just say that she is a talented bucker. She can really throw her hind end up and SPIN at the same time. Oy. I hate the spinning. That kills me. According to her original trainer she never actually bucked with a rider on though.

Everything is going well with her. When the bridles arrive (within the next week) I’m going to start getting her used to the bridle/bit. More than likely I’m going to free-lunge her with the bridle on. I’m also trying to remember how to train a horse to lower their head when you place a hand on their poll. That will be useful. I like my new cotton snap on reins. Hopefully the bit I got her will work. If not I’m sure I can find a buyer—it is a curved-mouthpiece medium-thickness French-link eggbutt snaffle.

I did get the vet bill today: $270.80 altogether, with the drugs being the most expensive part. Eep! And unfortunately they aren’t allowing payments so *groan* I get to call my Dad and beg again. I feel lame.

HOWEVER Allison just got a big paycheck and told me that she can get me my money this week and take me out to a dinner and movie. Yay, a hot date with a girl!
John also notified me when I bothered him today that he is going to send me a check for the $135 he owes Brian and I. $100 for Brian (finally!) and $35 for me. That will help quite a bit believe it or not.

Update on my more personal life … )

Things I did get done:

-Returned Denali’s blanket, the smaller dressage girth, and gave Leah a check for the girth that fits Deli.
-Said hi to Denali (Happy Birthday too!)
-Talked to people at the barn, including hassling John for money.
-The teeth floating and worming for Deli of course.
-Midterm over with!
-Turned in poetry application for Sandy’s class.
-I got some knitting done… during BONES (I love that show!)
-Registered for a bogus GE class. The last I have to take!
-Showered and enjoyed my new soap and the warmth.
-I also sent out the check for the vet bill. Sigh. I am so POOR!
-Regardless, I treated myself to coffee today.

Otherwise I just watched movies (the Simpsons), ate, and got absolutely NOTHING done. Now I’m going to go to bed early and sleep in (or can I? I should check the weather to see if I need to un-blanket Deli tomorrow morning).
EDIT: Showers expected! I’m so sleeping in.

And I’m jealous of [ profile] catwithclaws because she has a new bunny that has markings like a panda.

There are things I want to rant about but it is bed time.
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Plans for today. )
Sheesh, I always have too much on my plate.

This sucks!

Mar. 6th, 2006 06:37 pm
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How would I sum up this day?

The weather is annoying. I wish it would decide to RAIN or to NOT RAIN. I woke up this morning and the sky was blue and it was in the high 50’s so when I visited Deli I kept her blanket off. An hour later, as I entered class, the sky still looked good—more clouds but still sunny. Another hour later? I stepped outside and within ten minutes it was pouring.
So I went back out to see Deli as soon as I got home, and remembered to bring one of my old towels for her. I dried her off as best I could, and blanketed her.

On the only white toenail on her foot her hoof is splitting/peeling off in a spiky spur. It isn’t bad yet, per say, but her pasture is a MESS. She is standing in foul mud past her ankles now.
So in the pouring rain I carted two old stall mats to her pasture. They were horribly heavy and gross, but I laid them down in front of her feeder on one side. I packed mud and old straw into the holes they have so she won’t get her feet caught. Of course, the fact that I took that precaution is making me worry a lot that that is exactly what is going to happen. I just can’t stand the fact that she has nowhere dry to stand. So now she sorta does. Sigh.

I have so much work to do. The stress of all the stuff I have to finish soon is bearing down on me. So of course, my back hurts.

Other than that Deli is doing very well. No more turning towards me while lunging except when I ask her to whoa. She is getting her teeth floated on Wednesday.



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