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One more final. Last one tonight.

Feeling very distracted though.

Almost like it's already vacation-time!
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I'm so stressed about this particular exam that I am on the verge of tears.

But when I force myself to remember what I COULD be doing, it matters less that I might not get an A or even a B. Failing at something interesting is apparently better than succeeding at something I hate.

Which explains why I like riding so much!

Time for a deep breath, some tea, and maybe a pastry.

At least I will have a week or so of not-knowing-my-grades-bliss-vacation!
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I want to learn to play the harmonica and guitar. TOGETHER OMG.

Just saying.

Also, my studying soundtrack is apparently a bit odd. Listening to Bird and the Bee, various A.A. Bondy stuff, Freezepop, and Storm Large. And other various synth-pop songs.

The music makes a difference!

I had a laugh this morning when my leaser informed me that she gave dirty-Deli a bath yesterday and she proceeded to roll for nearly 10 minutes straight. Hmm, perhaps I should have warned her? But seriously amusing.

Can you tell my brain is a bit frayed at the ends atm?



May. 6th, 2010 09:40 pm
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I could Google it, but THAT would be irresponsible at this point in panic-study-panic mode, right?

For those who haul horses, or know how to haul horses, where can I find info on how much WEIGHT a typical warmblood-sized sized two-horse slant will weigh with respects to the NEEDED POWER of the towing vehicle?

Links or raw facts appreciated!

Tag-along style.

My Dad just e-mailed me asking this question.

Which can only be a GOOD thing, right?

Back to panic. Today is NOT going well as far as my mental sanity is concerned. I try and study and my brain just blurs.
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Holy crap, why is outlining FUN?! I just picked up my notes on compulsory joinder [rule 19!] and went "squee".

Something is wrong with my brain.

Or, as Brian tenderly said, "Gorgeous, why else would you be going to law school?"

Me = nerd.

Even if I'm not in good form or myself mentally because of all these injuries and pain, I'm still gonna have FUN gawdnabbit. Trying to let go of being used to getting straight As and relax and just LEARN. Seems to be working for the most part.
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Pony is shaved!

I took Brian with me to do a test, because Brian doesn't make me feel discordant and it wouldn't provoke Deli if she was reading my feelings. Besides, I thought he could do a better job since he's a hairy guy and used to handling clippers...

I tried it myself - good girl - just stood there. Handed them off to him, FREAK OUT! Wouldn't even let him near her without shaking. And she wasn't scared of him necessarily. Luckily she let him hold her while I clipped and she was superb. Brian fed her carrots and I finished her other side and belly. I'm only sad because you can tell which side I did because it's... awkward looking. I got the lines mostly straight but it definitely looks like newb work. I kept most of her belly hairy except for along the sides of her barrel and obviously her girth area. The hardest part was her chest. That and clipping her belly because while doing that I ended up getting a face full off fuzz that I STILL feel is in my throat. Ick.

I've always thought it to be cute that she has an abnormally large number of whorls in her fur, but it makes clipping a BIT harder, to say the least!

It's the end of the semester, so I'm I'm incommunicable for the next two-three weeks, I blame that.
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We often come across gems like this in our texts:

This woman filed a suit for consortium [her husband was injured in a car accident].
I looked up the law definition of "consortium":

1. a combination of financial institutions, capitalists, etc., for carrying into effect some financial operation requiring large resources of capital.
2. any association, partnership, or union.
3. Law. the legal right of husband and wife to companionship and conjugal intercourse with each other: In a wrongful death action the surviving spouse commonly seeks damages for loss of consortium.

Yep. You can sue for lack of sexual access to a spouse. THIS is why gays need to be allowed to marry!

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In minor tiffs with Brian I have found myself throwing FRCP rules at him. Today? I was grouchy (pain? being hit by a car?) and told him he'd done something wrong or was annoying me, or SOMETHING of that nature. When he called me out on it I asked for a "motion to amend under FRCP rule 15".

Maybe only I find this funny...

The awesome thing is that he plays along. He has also been asking questions about rules/laws to me and my housemates, which has been incredibly helpful to all of us. I think it's partially so he can get WTH we are gibbering about.

It's totally ridiculous, but has been a great studying tool.

I think my whole pod should take a group photo (or make a collage) with our FRCP rulebooks to give to Prof. Brunet. He's my favorite! And I bet that would amuse him.
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Ecstatic! I just got my acceptance letter from Lewis & Clark! And they are offering me a nice scholarship like Willamette, also due to my stellar undergrad GPA.

Willamette: $22,000 (more expensive school to attend)
L&C: 17,000 (nice!)

Looks like money may be less of a problem than I was worrying about.

Now if I get into UoO I'll be in my top 3 schools. Would be nice to get into UoW too... but my heart is sorta set on living in Oregon. That and I slapped together my UoW application when I did my Davis application.

[ profile] donnajean2277 you're going to have to give me the low-down!


Jan. 28th, 2009 04:36 pm
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Apparently this is what I was waiting for: I got my first acceptance letter today!

I'm incredibly pleased. It now feels official—I'm going to graduate school!

I also got a $22,000 yearly scholarship.

P.s. Willamette.


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