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Look, I drew something! Just a pencil sketch that I cleaned up, but it was much needed for my brain to be quiet and study.

Anyone want to do trades when I am on my short vacation?
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Comic updated at [ profile] infinity_roads and my deviantART account!

Comments and critiques encouraged.

I'll post the next page tomorrow probably (it's a small page).
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New page (or pages!) up at [ profile] infinity_roads. The story continues to move along, and I keep trying new techniques and whatnot. Or if you prefer, I'm updating my deviantART account ( with some of the pages too. We shall see is people complain about the nudity and sexual themes (and violence!) on that site.

So far I'm enjoying it. But my pencils I like to sketch with are stubs now.

I had a very crappy day yesterday (except for my time with Deli! She was awesome) and I feel like I'm playing catch-up emotionally today. The art is helping.
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Check out [ profile] infinity_roads!

And please comment as I move forward and add more pages.

I just posted the first page of "Chapter 0" today, as well as a re-vamped title page. There is a lot I don't like, but moving forward from that and not nitpicking is important.

Yay Kahalie!
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I'm actually working on my comic project Infinity Roads today. Go me!

I'll ask this once—ANYONE want to make a cameo appearance in the first chapter (chapter 0)?

You can go as your human self (though I'll warn ahead of time this is a sketchy comic... exact likeness not guaranteed!) or as your fursona/avatar/whatever you like.

I'm getting more fluid and less anal as I go, which is pleasing me. For some reason, though I realize my anatomy gets wonky at times, my scribbles are nicer drawings than my perfect lines. I just had to pull out a ballpoint and some soft lead pencil really!


I hope this gets easier and less time consuming as I go.
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YES. Taking a couple hours to just bum around and relax DOES make a person feel better. I KNEW this, but I get incredibly anxious when I call in sick (a throwback from the abuse I experienced at JAX perhaps? They did threaten me to come in the day after I spent six hours in the emergency room dying). So I'm still feeling a little stuffy, but I can BREATH again, nausea gone, and I feel some energy coming back. I have two days off now, so I'm going to continue to be nice to myself.

Good things: Dr. Horrible soundtrack. If Dr. Horrible was real I'd marry him. I think Brian would understand.

I rode! Yay! I was good and took it easy-only about ten minutes of riding after I lunged her. Deli was surprisingly good for having not worked in a week (but yes, she was hyper as heck). We had our best downward transition ever, with her sitting back so nicely that I actually felt her bum go DOWN and her back lift. I'm not sure what I did to make that happen... I think it was accident I need to fiddle with. Lunging her over raised poles and tiny cross rails HAS been making a difference. When I ask her to step up it feels like she has more of an engine than usual.

Also, you know what's neat? Now when lunging her without equipment or anything but a bridle (sometimes just a halter) Deli will drop her head and lift her back. It is so neat to see! She's figuring out that it feels good to move like that.

Other than that I've been cleaning, watched Boy Culture on my new widescreen, and accidentally flooded the bathroom. Which led to me scrubbing the whole bathroom. Living with Brian has made me appreciate the fact that women don;t just generate FLUFF. He's clean and he always does the bathroom, but wherever he goes he brings fluff with him.

I really wish I had the impetus to really get my project Infinity Roads (found at [ profile] infinity_roads for now) up and running. I'm too critical of my art and it slows me down. And yet my favorite stuff is my scribbly fluid sketches. I just need to get out there and SCRIBBLE it. Webcomics always start out with lame art (yes, it's a comic), but people come for the STORY. And I have an awesome story. I'm also in love with the main character, Kahalie (pictured in title page). That's another man I'd marry if he didn't come from my brain!

Anyone interested in reading a webcomic? Maybe if I knew I had people reading I would be inspired. It is fantasy/cyberpunk/magic/technology/dragons/angst/love/fighting/unicorns (not your typical kind)/sex/stuff that will make you think. Oh, and it WILL be rated R. But only because the main character is Kahalie. Hard to explain really without a long-winded explanation...


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