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Seriously. I've been grumpy, feeling rushed and annoyed as of late. The weather has been sunny, warm and DRY. I slept so well this morning because the cool air is back, and with it the rain.

I just heard the drizzle start and my back un-knotted, I relaxed and feel happier than I have in weeks. Now I am looking forward to going to the barn, where my pony will be happier (if damp—not point in blanketing her for this light rain).

I swapped out her full-cheek snaffle for the fat-curved-mouth french-link yesterday and rode her in it. Couldn't tell if she liked it better—I think you're supposed to give it a week? Regardless she did really well for the amount I have been riding her lately. We had some KICK-ASS downward transitions, which is proof that the massage and stretching is helping. Also, while she wasn't very relaxed in the trot, we got some great canter. We also cantered over poles with lots of success and did some stride-counting. I remember the days when cantering would make me tense up, grow stiff, and they are completely gone. When she's relaxed her canter is like flying. It is so deep and long and fluffy. I have no idea how to explain it properly. All I know is that when I've been riding other's horses as of late (which I have) I miss my horse. I like being able to steer with my seat, ride without reins, and watch her wild red hair whip over her neck as we face into the wind.

And we both love the rain.

I have a strong feeling that she will enjoy Portland once she settles in, not least because the wetter seasons mean more green grass to stuff her fat face with. The first snow we get I HAVE to go out to the barn though. I imagine her reaction will be highly amusing.
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Deli seems to be doing well at the new place.

Nevermind the HEART ATTACKS she gives me. I guess I haven’t gotten over the new-owner-panic completely. Of course, her going straight up to a black walnut tree and beginning to munch down should be enough to give anyone a heart attack right? I know the stuff is toxic, but I’ve only heard about black walnut shavings. All my searches through vet books and the internet were inconclusive—mixed info. Some said that ingestion did nothing, some said it was only the bark, some said any part of the plant is instant death. Ugh. I have been a nervous wreck all day—afraid of a telephone call from the barn owner or going to the barn myself to find her laminitic (seriously, laminitis is the most frightening thing I can think of happening to her) and awful.

I get to the barn and she IS lame. I pull her out and she seems a little odd at the walk. Insert expletives here. She wasn’t standing see-saw or uncomfy looking so I let myself examine her before totally panicking. Result? HUGE stone (the kind that is round on one side and pointing on the other) lodged quite deeply into her foot. The sole didn’t appear to be broken. Her walk seemed better too. But her trot was most definitely LAME. Still she was quite willing to go and hyper even.

So she is off on her left front—lame for the first time since getting her. I’m still worried it is laminitis. Terrified really. But common sense says it’s most likely a nice stone bruise. At worst with an abscess brewing under there. So I’m going to cross my fingers and hope. She isn’t hot anywhere and isn’t standing oddly at all. She was stomping at the flies too. No digital pulse or different heat in her feet either.

Any comforting words Horse Experts?

My plan right now is to see how she is tomorrow and if she is worse, call the vet/farrier. If she is better but not 100% better, I’ll get some Epsom salts and at the very least soak her foot. I might try and figure out how to make a foot wrap too.

Deli seems very determined to have me learn how to treat every possible eventuality that can come from owning a horse. Just don’t founder or get laminitis, Sweetie. Or bad colic. Or anything where I might loose you or be forced to lose you because of my lack of funds.

‘Cause I can’t lose her. Can’t have her un-rideable and un-playable. Hard to explain really, other than the fact that she is my world.

Ps. The resident “stud” at Heron Creek (24 year old bony TB guy) is in love with Deli.


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