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But this month I've had Deli for 5 years.

Hard to believe.

I can still vividly remember that terrible first day she was mine.

On the other hand, look how far we've come! Plus, she's the one that makes me believe in love at first sight. I love that I get to brag about her. She's no schoolmaster but we definitely have a rapport that makes all the ladies at the barn jealous. Although in all honesty, being able to turn herself around on the lunge line by a verbal isn't THAT amazing, but they don't have her juicy big brain to work with.

Also, Leah? I don't think I ever properly thanked you for being so awesome and supportive that first year. So, thanks!
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Just wanted to plug my community [ profile] eq_conformation with the hopes to draw in others that like analysis of horse conformation. And posters other than me!

Other than that I've been having a real vacation the past two days. I've done absolutely nothing productive and it actually feels good. I have however been having these killer migraines as of late. I think it's my eyes telling me that I need a new prescription. In the meantime I'm going to avoid driving and things where I have to see far away.

Other than that, Deli's leg is looking better and better. I'm still expecting the need for her to stay in light work for 1-2 months more at least. I rode her (finally!) bareback the other day and had quite a bit of fun. She is also being introduced onto the grass now and has turned into a little bitch when it comes to turnout. Mostly in that she paws at the gate to the grass pasture and refuses to do more than pick at her hay.

My horse is a doofus, but I love her.
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Are you religious? And what does "religious" mean to you? Is there an afterlife?

Do you believe in heaven? What is the heaven you believe in like?

Do you believe in hell, or a hellish place? What is that like?

What, in your eyes, would be a "perfect world"? Define it for me in so many words. Is heaven the "perfect world"?

If you don't believe in an afterlife, how do you think about death?

What is the purpose of life, and does life need a purpose?

How do your beliefs relate to your parent's beliefs and your upbringing?

And lastly, how do you define "loneliness"?


I'm finding more and more that what I see in the world is "far out" with respect to how it relates to common views. But maybe who I'm comparing myself to people who I shouldn't be (my parents? My family? My friends?).

It does not feel lonely.


EDIT: my answers added under the cut. )
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So was yesterday productive? I’m not sure. I finished my major Spanish homework for Friday. I still need to do the out-of-book crap. I actually thoroughly READ my Chaucer assignment.

I road yesterday too, though I’m not sure that counts as particularly productive. I did actually get a fair amount done at the stable though.

I put myself on the list for a pasture and a pipe pen. Looks like, if Deli becomes a reality, I WILL be able to put her out at pasture. It isn’t much cheaper but it would save me a lot of time.

I talked to Holly about becoming a barn sup—she will give me training days as soon as I tell her my availability (something I’m planning to do after this weekend). She said I might only be able to get extra shifts or cover for people at this point though, which isn’t good.

My dad DID hint that if I was responsible with this Deli thing, and she IS to my liking, that my birthday is coming up and I might get a nice saddle; i.e. one that fits ME (Read: my big butt) and my horse.

Allison, Leah and John were at the stable too, so that was nice. I forgot how much John talks. He just doesn’t seem the sort but… damn.

So anyways, my lesson was canceled so I took out Shinto, threw my bareback pad on her, and road out with John and Daria on their psycho saddlebreds, a group of western-teamers, and their coach, Bunny. I somewhat-participated in the lesson and watched while jogging Shinto around. Her trot isn’t big enough even when she is going fast to post very effectively bareback so I practiced my sitting. I was actually kind of proud of myself. My leg is much stronger and my balance isn’t too shoddy. We didn’t canter much because the arena was crowded and it was very slushy.

And I really like Bunny! She is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and uplifting. She is teaching the western riders dressage movements! I saw several of them do pretty nice shoulder-ins that I have NEVER seen the dressage team do! So, I’m thinking… if I get this horse, I may join the western team. I might ride in a dressage saddle most of the time but…

So John is also willing to transport Deli if it comes down to it, assuming we could find a trailer. Also, according to Bunny, there are some fairly cheap shipping places that go back and forth from that area all the time.

I also spent a lot of time with Cavi and Allison, which was enjoyable. She is very fun. I really need to attempt to be more social and invite her places. I should be getting to know her much better this weekend, as we will be spending two days together. I didn’t ask, but she is bringing her stethoscope and riding boots down too—she will be able to check right there if Deli has a heart murmur or breathing problems. Think that will intimidate the owners? HA!

We ran around in the main arena after all the lessons had come in. We set Cavi loose but he just followed us around, lipping and chewing like a cute submissive boy. I suggested Allison run over some poles and a flowerbox and Cavi followed. So we got him to do little jumps. It was great fun, and very muddy.

I must remember to buy oil for my car too.

Sadly, the chance of seeing Brian on the once-weekly basis I do is moot until the Macbeth production is over. I don’t feel so bad about abandoning him on our normal “lazy-Saturday” because he rehearses from 12-11 on both weekends, and from 6-11 every weekday. Sheesh. That is insane (but necessary I suppose).

And you know what? I said that if I did get the horse things would change. I told him that we would still be able to have our lazy Saturdays but that we might have to pop briefly by to check on her. He said something in the lines of: “I don’t mind going to the barn so we can take care of your horse. That’s okay.” He said WE.

The fact that he SAID that, like that, whether I get the horse or not, makes me so happy. *Dances around in glee*


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