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I'm sad and happy.

For one, my farrier gave me a free trim today because I've gotten three other people at my barn to switch over to him. That was awesome. The things are going to miss most about Davis are my awesome farrier and horse masseur.

And after that was done I measured Deli's from feet so that I can start scouring the world for a horse boot that will fit her.

Her front foot measurements:

W 136mm
L 126mm

W 137mm
L 126mm

Good thing: she is really damn similar and has a BIG foot for her size. Also note that her feet are wider than they are long, which I guess is not common. It's called a "mustang foot" actually (if you couple that with her lower heels) and not a bad thing at all considering her foot isn't upright and also has a nice concave surface.

But I was just looking at the measurement charts for the easyboot glove (the boot I REALLY wanted to try) and it seems easyboot caters mostly to horses with TINY feet (seriously, my big-boned arab is OFF their charts) that have a much longer foot in comparison to width. Sadness. I really liked the look of those boots. The (original only) Old Macs may work since Easyboot claims they are made for a rounder hoof—and now that I look at the measurements she falls perfectly into a size 6. But the reviews on those are only stellar for horses that aren't being ridden in them, and there's lots of stuff saying how they rub. Looking at the measure chart for Renegades I fear the size that would fit her width (the largest size they make!) would be too big for her length. Now I may have measured wrong—basically from toe to the end of her wall, but I also know that her heel bulbs touch the ground, so why wouldn't I be including some of them? I guess I'll get another set of measures that include some of her bulb tomorrow just so I have it on hand. Regardless, she is too wide for the Easyboot gloves.

I was really hoping the Gloves would work because they are much cheaper than the Renegades.

Alas. Anyone else have a horse with wide round feet who uses boots?
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For my own reference I really want to get and try Renegade Hoof boots.

I think they will work well for Deli and her natural hoof shape. She has a naturally "lower" heel (which the Renegade site backs up as often being the more natural way of doing it, just as I learned from farrier science) and I can ask my farrier to give her what they call the "mustang roll" (just no sharp edges on the foot) when she is trimmed, though she usually attains that through natural wearing down after a couple weeks. She has a very round big (for her 15.1hh size) foot.

After my experience with her being foot-sore when we were forced to ride on gravel roads and having her horn chopped up from that, I'm really into the idea of boots. For one, she will require the same amount of maintenance she gets now, which is good for my going-back-to-school money and time budgets.

But maybe not yet as I don't seem to have any solid prospects for solid trail riding yet? Though I was also thinking I could use these if I decide to do more jumping. IF I can find a jumping saddle that fits her among the barn stash.

Anyway. With my research completed I think these boots would be the best "fit" for both Deli and I. And I like barefoot horses.

When my farrier trimmed her last week he told me she had some of the best feet he had ever seen. And he was amazed that her feet were still pretty hard even though she had been standing in water for a month. Heck, I thought they were squishy compared to her normal state.
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I’m considering getting front shoes for Deli. After the flood we had in Davis, it got uncharacteristically hot and the ground at the front of her pasture is nasty—both rough and hard with dirt clods and whatnot. It has been said that they are going to go over it with a tractor, but I don’t really trust them to do that anytime soon. So Deli’s feet are meanwhile in the worst shape since I got her (when they were also in bad shape for her). The rough ground is making her sole peel off (albeit a natural process) faster than her wall is wearing down, making her wall “unsupported” in a sense, and causing it to flare out.

The surface chips and even very minor stress cracks are nothing I would worry about—that happens when a horse goes to very soft and wet all the time to BOOM-fucking-dry. The sudden weather change was even atypical of Davis. The flaring could lead to wall separation, which could lead to coffin bone rotation, etc. None of that is happy stuff, and even if it is a worst case scenario that won’t likely happen, I want to avoid it at all costs. I’m not sure if a simple trim will help, because while it would take some stress off her wall, the problem of the rough spiky ground isn’t going away. Then again, that may be all she needs if I can get someone to tractor-down the crap footing

She is NOT lame and is moving just fine. Obviously I don’t ever want her to be lame. Several people at my barn think I’m nuts, but then again they hardly ever look after their horse’s feet at all. All their horses also consist of lame old Arabians, or TBs with narrow oval feet that are half the size of Deli’s even though they are 16+ hands and weight quite a bit more than her! In fact, Deli is one of two horses in pasture that haven’t been made sore by the freakish weather/ground change!

What I would REALLY like is to get a farrier that I trust out to look at her and access the situation without recommending stuff just to get money out of me. My horse has good feet. But man, we have had no luck with farriers as of late. I just want to stab them and their inconsistency.

Also, it has always been my plan to put at least front shoes on her someday when we started wanting to do more trails. With Rachel as my trainer the potential for trailering to trails is much greater now, and the places we would be riding in the future would be rocky.

What I’m thinking now: potentially get front shoes on her, but plan for just the summer when the ground is baked and hard and she won’t be loosing them in the muck.

What does everyone else think?

Ps. Deli has NEVER had shoes put on her. I think she would be okay for it as long as I am there and the farrier goes slow, but that is also something to consider.


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