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From Winter 2010-2011

This is a macro photo of my sister's cat, Mecha's (short for Mechanical Warhead) face. He is quite a handsome fellow (Siamese and DSH cross) and could care less that my camera was an inch away from his eyeball.
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I love kittens. I have always wanted a polydactyl cat. Especially if I could get a tuxedo poly kitten. Lame and particular I know, but I LOVE their huge deformed hands.

Lately I've been dreaming that I have this same dog. Basically what looks like a pit-mix of some kind that is a dark tan/auburn color. It almost looks like a pit-kelpie or pit-vizla cross from the color of it and the fact that it is fairly small. Maybe I will get this dog sometime in the future. I'm not a dog person, but if my life was in the right place I know I would enjoy having one.

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The conclusions is: Mir is doing great for an 18-almost-19 year old cat.

Everything in the blood work was smack-dab normal except her blood-urea nitrogen level was very slightly elevated. Basically a creatin (sp?) count which usually indicates kidney issues and not processing protein optimally. Her urine sample came back pretty good however, so they just recommended I find her a good low-protein geriatric-cat diet and get her blood checked again 6-12 months from now to keep an eye on her kidney function.

Finding a new food is going to be VERY annoying because she is sensitive to grains. I hatehatehate Science Diet - she was so greasy and unhealthy when on it before. They didn't think she was near serious enough to warrant any kind of prescription diet though.

I also need to give her daily glucosamine for her maybe-arthritis.

Her teeth looked good - some tartar, but not enough to need a tooth cleaning in such an old gal. No masses or weird lumps. Her nose-cancer looks about the same as it has for 6-7 years, and this vet agreed it's probably one of those non-invasive sarcoid/sarcomas - also not worth worrying about since it isn't itchy and grows SO slowly.

She doesn't have any other signs of kidney issues like weight loss or barfing - I just noticed she seemed to be peeing slightly more, which is why I took her in for blood work. According to the vet if I notice THAT much of a difference (literally it was one tick above "normal") in her habits, then she's in good hands. I know Mir has a small bladder because she has a thickened bladder wall from having like 3 bladder stones removed in her youth, so that was something I factored in too.

So the summary of results: doing SUPER for an elderly kitty, kidneys not bad but I'll need to keep an eye on them, and what is probably a touch of arthritis in her deformed leg/foot.

I'll do some research on the other Wellness diets - maybe the one for urinary-tract health would be good for her. Any recommendations for high-end brands (without corn or wheat for SURE) that have good senior/ancient cat dry food diets? She isn't overweight and only tends to get fat and nasty if she is eating grains so...

I hope she keeps on trucking for many years to come. Ahh kitties!
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I'm debating making a new journal to keep notes on Mir and Maple's health concerns, diet and general medical health, a la [ profile] hamptonsan.

At any rate, the kitties are on their way here. I went and bought them a 1/2lb each of organic ground turkey and beef. And cod liver oil—pure and human-grade. And some free-range eggs, so that I can add some yummy yolks to the meat.

I've been doing some research on hyperthyroidism, which is what Maple has. He has all the symptoms, that's for sure! Weight loss, scruffy coat, liver failure, etc, etc. They suggest no-fish, somewhat low fat and low iodine (thus no fish) diets. Surgery is an option, but I think Maple is too ill right now to survive surgery. He IS on the medication they suggest.

Anyways, I'm planning on giving him 2 weeks of loving care and then re-evaluating. I don't expect him to gain too much weight then, but I should see an improvement in his mood and energy.

*fingers crossed*

Edit: Cats are here, found one of Brian's sweaty shirts and are sleeping on it. They don't seem to stressed but my mom brought all their old bedding and it smells like PEE in here now. Yucky. I'll get used to it I suppose.

Tonight: raw organic free range ground turkey and beef mixed with free-range vegetarian egg yolks.


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