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From Fall 2010

Ironically this was the first "sporty" car we looked at. Brian loved it, so now he has a little 1995 Acura Integra.

Mostly it's a big hurrah for me NEVER having to drive him to work again!

Road trip!

Apr. 27th, 2009 09:24 am
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And we're off!

Ps. My mechanic once again proves he is awesome by fixing my wiper. Not by replacing the part (as he said: these things don't BREAK, so no one carries them but the factory), but by swapping out the wiper from his older Jetta. The wipers don't match, but they WORK. Ghetto rigging ftw! When I get back to Davis the part he ordered should be there and we can swap them again.

Any ideas for what a car mechanic might like as a "thank you" gift? He's saved my ass numerous times. Mostly: what kind of gift card would you get one? I've never seen him drink coffee, so Starbucks is out.
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So the woman I got into a fender bender with left a message saying she wants to replace the bumper of her car. WTF?! To top things off I can't find the slip of paper I wrote her info on so I'm actually going to have to talk to her before I call the insurance agent. UGH.

Other than that my day and evening were peachy. Brian took me to Bakers Square and we had PIE. Pie is good.

The wind made Deli very bouncy today.

AND I'm now a volenteer at the craft center.
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Something posted on the UCDLJ group that will probably come in handy later. I didn't know there were online traffic schools! This makes my life easier.


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