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I've still been longing for my own backyard barn. Seriously. It's become somewhat of an obsession over the past year. My mind just drifts onto how wonderful it would be, and I get depressed... I'm not a very patient person to begin with, and my current unemployment and money quickly draining from my account is making these desires I have seem even more impossible.

The current barn is still fine, but there are, of course, some things that are not good. The barn owner is rather inflexible in some respects. And I'm also starting to feel taken advantage of when I'm feeding and cleaning. She will come out and be like: "oh, can you lunge my horse? Oh, can you do this chore too?" Something really annoying is that when Brian comes out to the barn with me she immediately latches onto him to perform some chore for her, like taking out her compost. I've told her that is NOT okay, but I have been doing the little side chores she asks me to do as long as they are related to the horses.

That, and the one other boarder is someone I am finding very... neurotic? Anxious? I'm not sure how to describe her. She is a beginner horse-person with a complete greenie MUSTANG. I've been very gentle with her because she takes EVERYTHING personally, but I'm a bit concerned because Deli clearly feels uneasy around her. Case and point, she comes in the other day while I was grooming Deli in the aisle x-ties. Deli gets all tense and steps away from her, but isn't fussing. Then this other boarder takes off her baseball cap and waves it violently around being like "Deli, don't you recognize me?!" Deli spooks and goes backwards, hits the ties, pauses because at this point I have put a hand on her to make her chill, but then this gal freaks out and screams and waves her hands around more, and Deli really bugs out, breaks her halter (it's a break-away), and skedaddles down to the other side of the aisle. I catch her easily and she's calm and well behaved with me, but snorting at this woman like she is crazy (I tend to agree).

I spend about two seconds with the baseball cap and Deli (and waving it around over her head, whacking her with it, etc.) and Deli is totally fine with me. Knowing my horse, this woman giving off anxious feelings all the time is making Deli wary and ready for attack, leading to anxious behavior in my horse.

To top it off, when Deli sat back on the x-ties she stomped down on my foot really badly. walking has been agony for the past couple days when I'm wearing shoes. Which means I haven't been able to do much working out. I really need to get back into regular exercise but things keep happening to make that difficult. It's all very frustrating.

Anyway, the woman was freaked out that the halter was broken. I seriously reassured her that it wasn't a big deal, I had extra breakaway tabs, etc. She went to take care of her horse, and once out of sight Deli was totally calm again. I saddled her intending to do a quick ride. I hopped on and she was going fine, if wiggly and rushy (normal for out of shape Deli). Then the woman walks by without her horse and Deli starts being a complete loon, very tense, nervous, not wanting to turn her back to the woman at all. We did some lateral work to try and focus her. I was able to school her into good attentive behavior, but she remained tense whenever this gal was around, with or without her horse (Deli is buddies with the horse, but it did not feel like herd bound behavior at all). We ended up having a longer ride than planned, and by that time I was nearly passing out from the pain in my foot. Deli basically put all her weight on the very top of my foot where it attaches to my ankle, making putting my heels down (which I do more of when she's being nuts, because I ride with deeper seat then) while wearing shoes agony. If it had been my toes they would have been broken for sure.

The barn owner has suggested I give her lessons, which I am in favor of. My specialty when I was teaching was anxious lacking-confidence adults, and we have an old steady schoolie to use. Of course, the barn also also suggested I give lessons to her for FREE, which I am not okay with given my current financial state. Does $20 for 30 minutes riding sound fair to you guys?

Anyway. There are other annoying things, but those are the big ones this week. Mostly it feels like I am being taken advantage of by the barn owner (also, she borrowed my nibblenet when I first moved in and has yet to return it! WTF) and the other boarder makes me uncomfortable. Particularly since she is handling my horse a lot, and Deli still seem more anxious at this barn than she did in say, Templeton.

I want my own place. I really don't like handling other people's horses much, because I feel all the time I put into training them to behave is wasted. And quite frankly, nobody has the same standards for behavior that I do, and that's annoying. Deli's ground manners had seriously devolved with me being gone most of the time during bar study. They were all amazed with how much better she was within a couple days of me seeing her every day. Well, yes, because clearly nobody else gives a shit about ground manners! Deli is so freaking easy because she's so submissive. One correction with something she already knows she should be doing and she's a perfect angel. And doing all this barn work for OTHER people means less time with Deli.

Luckily her weight is near ideal now. I love seeing rounded-off hip bones!

It is retarded that after visiting my parents and seeing how their whole neighborhood is riddled with trails AND how they live only two miles from my best friend (who I rode with - on a MFT!), AND only 20 minutes from the ocean, their hints that I should move down there are somewhat tempting. Their new house is lovely, and they have a fruit orchard now. Though the idea of living with them is HORRORible, and I hate Southern California. And I would need to take the California bar. If I got a great job down there though, the decision would be easy. Maybe they could build Brian and I a "mother in law" cottage and buy the empty lot above them. They have enough room on their property for some paddocks and run-in sheds, but probably no more than 2 horses. They do live right across the street from a nice boarding barn with a lovely arena though, and there is so much trail access I would never hurt for areas to ride...



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