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I rode that grey draft pony beast, Smokey, yesterday! And it was actually somewhat fun, despite him being nothing like my Deli. Also: WIDE. Holy hell, he filled up my entire leg and it was like riding a marshmallow fluff even though he is a short little feller (I'd guess 15hh). Seriously: I put my leg on and there is like 10 inches of squish to him. Pillow-pony.

He is super green and whatever training he has in him has taught him to fake giving to the bit. And he's a bit short-fat-necked so relaxation in the neck is going to be hard for him anyway. He doesn't work very consistently off the hind end. He basically ignored any requests for lateral movement, but I later learned he was always ridden in spurs, so maybe if I ride him again I'll dig them out. At one point I asked him to move off my leg that he was leaning on with a boot, and he decided to go backwards so I flicked him with the whip and he LEAPED forward.

But he was nicely forward, if wiggly. There is actually something there to work with.

I've realized that I actually have something to offer green horses as a rider. Thanks to Deli of course. I know I have my issues (worst thing is a fairly loose lower leg), but I also think I've developed a good instinct of when and how to push, when to give, and how to use my seat. And I must say, even though my lower leg is somewhat loose... I don't really NEED it or even my stirrups in a lot of situations. At one point when he spooked and I lost my stirrups I just continued on without them. Of course, it's easier with a huge wide round thing that is pretty dead to the leg than my horse, who gets irritated by more than a very very light constant pressure.

Observing more of his behavior I'm seeing some stallion-like indications, which would explain him going from puppy-dog to attack mode when Winnie challenged him. The thing that bothers me is that he had no problem with rearing and striking and kicking out when it was a HUMAN he was facing. Even just playing, that is not okay. Also: he masturbates ALL THE TIME. He is very mouthy/nippy, and of course kind of dead to being smacked like every draft horse I've met. When I smack Deli she has so much more of an emotional reaction! Basically he's a huge dog who hasn't been taught manners.

Anyway, the barn owner was saying I was making him go better than the old trainer he had by the end (she'd seen videos). She wants me to ride him more. On the one hand I think that would be fun and I think I would do him MORE good than her because she isn't very firm and does not seem to have a very good feel for correct dressage movement (she loved it when he was curling his neck but totally strung out in the hind). He was standing in the wash pen drying after the ride and he came over to me wanting to nip/play with my hands and I smacked him and wouldn't let him enter my space, so he walked over to the barn owner and started doing the same with her and she was laughing about it, saying how he likes her better. Oy. Boy needs to be given boundaries!

On the other hand my barn owner is being paid to give him more miles/training and get him ready for sale. So me riding him feels like she's taking advantage of me. Again. She also wants me to trim his feet with no discussion of compensation! I'm for-sure not going to do that, because I want to save my back for trimming MY horses, and I'm still uncomfy with the idea of trimming a complete stranger's horse. Perhaps I will ask for a reduction in board and I can make training him an actual planned thing. Ugh, I feel like that's a conversation that could start drama!

I also had Brian ride the old Arab guy, Riskky, before I hopped on Smokey. I just put him on the lunge line and he did really well walk/trot. While I rode Smokey he just walked around the arena. And we finally found an English saddle that is comfortable for Brian's junk: just a plain old Wintec event saddle. Brian does need help keeping his weight sunk into his heels, but I think it's more time in the saddle that's going to be the most helpful for that. I'm not sure Rissky is the best horse to do lots of trotting on because Brian is a bit big for him. The boy is all legs (his legs are 4 inches longer than mine, measured from our hip bones, and yet he is less than an inch taller than me) and he does seem more comfortable on a horse that fills up his leg more, regardless of height. He did seem to like him okay, and rode for a good half-hour, so I think he'd work for some walk-only trail rides.

In Deli news, she was looking pretty much her old self sickness-wise yesterday. Her nose is still very wet, but it's all clear or ever so slightly white. Her temperature has been normal for several days. Since I run out of SMZ tonight, I am going to call the vet first thing and see if she thinks I should get more SMZ or if 5 days is enough (I don't want to be creating antibiotic resistant bacteria!). Her leg is looking good as well. I actually think the fact that she's been sick allowing me to DEMAND she be kept separate during turnout has been much more helpful because she doesn't have to out-of-nowhere escape evil teeth of a horse attacking her. She's been in a nice small grass paddock bordering the paddocks of her buddies that attaches to her pen, which has clearly decreased her stress. I just want to know WHY dear Deli, you fall in love with horses who chase and harass you constantly... girl is masochistic! I'm going to try and keep up this arrangement as long as possible.

I start my volunteer job next week, and I'm also planning on going out to the endurance-trainer's barn to do some exercise riding if she has a need. At least in THAT situation there is an exchange: she's teaching me about endurance riding. And there is a lot to learn and she was totally happy to share and talk about it. Also, I'm just riding her already-trained horses so it feels like a fair exchange...

I must say that I have been dreaming about endurance riding/trail, riding every night for weeks now. Maybe it's the summertime weather, but I just NEED to be riding! And I want a truck & trailer and a young horse in training... or even better: my own soul-mate horse Deli sound and ready to hit the trails! I have offers to take us horse camping and all that jazz, but it does not matter if Deli is hurt and/or seriously out of shape!

Oh wait, did I mention I got married this week?! It has been a good week despite having to deal with a horse cold and me feeling a bit sick as well.
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Pine martens have been popping up in my dreams lately. I've always had a special "relationship" with Mustelids in general, but never such an intense focus on one species. Last night it was Martens and thunderstorms. And then I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep because of my back hurting.

The trail ride seemed to help Deli's back soreness. She still has abnormal muscle buildup in her lower back and a lack of muscle in her bum, but I can poke it and her pain response is less after a ride were I work to have her moving more correctly. Clearly, this is going to be our focus. I need to see if I can scrape together some money to have her massaged and adjusted, and I may use someone different from normal, because the massage lady I have been using is now more focused on the thermography. Which is USEFUL for information, but not part of the direct solution when I already have a pretty good idea what is going on. Also, she WILL tell me to give her time off and will not hear that she has had 2+ months off, during which time her back got worse compared to my light rides which seem to HELP.

So... there's that. Do my horse-friends think I have the right impression? I'm SURE she injured her hip while we were at Destiny Farms flailing around in her stall. Since then I've had vets check her out and they said she seems sound. Just atrophied and using the wrong parts of her body to move.

Like ME! My body has been so retarded lately. Essentially, I think I broke my neck and back when I was coughing horribly. Heck, I'm still having RANDOM coughing fits. It's all painful.

IUD/Reproductive chatter )

I'm probably thinking about this right now because my parents are planning on having a "family dinner party" this weekend when I'm in SoCal visiting them. That means my Dad's side of the family, all of whom I don't like. I'll shmooze a little as my uncle's wife has connections to the EPA, which is a job I wouldn't mind having. But if my cousins are there I'm going to have to resist running away. I fucking hate those "kids", even if they are brain damaged little freaks.

I'm NOT looking forward to questions about our "wedding"; there are already issues with my sister demanding to be there or she will "have nothing left to live for". Ugh. Which means we can't get married when we were planning (beginning of next month) because that's when my sister starts college classes.

Having decided to elope clearly does not take away all the drama I want to avoid.

One bonus for this weekend is one of my best friends from college, Dawn, lives right near my parent's new house. So we are going to go on a nice long trail ride where I will ride her mom's horse, a Missouri Fox Trotter! I've only ever ridden a paso fino, so I'm curious to try another gaited breed. It will be fun to hang out with her. I wished I lived closer to all my best friends!
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My horses in my backyard, big kitchen, garden and Brian.
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From Fall 2010

Ironically this was the first "sporty" car we looked at. Brian loved it, so now he has a little 1995 Acura Integra.

Mostly it's a big hurrah for me NEVER having to drive him to work again!


Sep. 25th, 2010 06:05 pm
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I'm pretty hardcore when it comes to injuries. I have an extremely high pain tolerance. This isn't always a good thing because I tend to be able to ignore pain until it becomes intense and serious. But injuries to my fingers make my brain explode, even when they don't hurt. I can serioulsy get my knee ripped in half and stay concious, but slicing the tip of my finger open with a knife will make me pass out cold.

Like just now I dropped a huge cast-iron pan on my middle finger. No cuts, but the tip of the finger is oozing blood from the skin and from underneath my nail (which is bent... eww). Pretty sure I passed out for a few seconds when I sat on the floor.

Of course, if I even mentioned this to Brian he WOULD pass out. After my accident I had killer road rash on one elbow — like not a huge amount, but what I did have was VERY deep. Definitely close to the bone. When I took off the bandage the hospital had put on hurridly it started to bleed BADLY, like blood gushing down my arm. That made me feel a bit faint, but not immediately. It was a lot of blood though, so that would explain the faintness. Of course, when Brian walked in and saw the huge splashes of blood on the floor (because I had to run to the linen closet to get a towel to press on it) and the huge swirls of blood in the sink he had to sit and put his head between his knees.

Wimpy boy is adorable. I'll bandage up my finger before he can see it though.

That's what I get for doing dishes and cleaning up the house to avoid doing the studying I need to do. And yes, I'm typing with my injured finger. Which hurts.

I'm kind of fascinated by blood oozing when there is no cut though. I think the tip of my finger is going to fall off.
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Also, what the hell is it with all these lovely bomb-proof beginner-friendly trail and all-around horses being up on for cheap? It's a serious tease. Most of them even appear to have good conformation!

I hope that means that when I get to go horse shopping again for Brian it will be easy to find him a partner.
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OH! Something else potentally exciting is that Kim, my barn owner, offered me the use of her "grandmother" mare Cece for Brian to learn to ride on! Apparently she is a packer, and she is built like a tank. She is 20, semi-retired, and has some arthritic changes in her hocks so lots of walking and easy-going trotting will be good for her. I need to talk to Kim and see if putting her on the lunge would be okay. And THEN I need to convince Brian to take weekly lessons!

I totally bought him riding shoes for X-mas too. Bwhaha...
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Holy crap, why is outlining FUN?! I just picked up my notes on compulsory joinder [rule 19!] and went "squee".

Something is wrong with my brain.

Or, as Brian tenderly said, "Gorgeous, why else would you be going to law school?"

Me = nerd.

Even if I'm not in good form or myself mentally because of all these injuries and pain, I'm still gonna have FUN gawdnabbit. Trying to let go of being used to getting straight As and relax and just LEARN. Seems to be working for the most part.
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In minor tiffs with Brian I have found myself throwing FRCP rules at him. Today? I was grouchy (pain? being hit by a car?) and told him he'd done something wrong or was annoying me, or SOMETHING of that nature. When he called me out on it I asked for a "motion to amend under FRCP rule 15".

Maybe only I find this funny...

The awesome thing is that he plays along. He has also been asking questions about rules/laws to me and my housemates, which has been incredibly helpful to all of us. I think it's partially so he can get WTH we are gibbering about.

It's totally ridiculous, but has been a great studying tool.

I think my whole pod should take a group photo (or make a collage) with our FRCP rulebooks to give to Prof. Brunet. He's my favorite! And I bet that would amuse him.
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What do you think of the terms “husband” and “wife”?

It’s something I was thinking about yesterday that I found interesting and wanted insight on.

I was only thinking about it because I was considering the possibility of marrying my boyfriend, Brian, so that I could get him on my school health insurance in the next couple months. There is no denying he needs health insurance, but he also can’t afford to pay for it on his own (maybe he WILL if he gets the same number of hours but pays less rent in Portland). It irks me that you can’t put long-time partners on health insurance. Of course, what irks me more is our messed up health-system that makes it impossible for people like Brian and me to GET quality health care. But that’s another argument for another day (and BLESS Planned Parenthood!).

In thinking about it yesterday I found the term “husband” makes me instinctively uncomfortable. So does “wife”. I don’t usually think of myself as anti-tradition because these feelings don’t come from a desire to be different. In thinking about it further I found that I had similar uncomfortable feelings toward the label of “fiancé”. Which seems to suggest an aversion to marriage in general. To be honest, marriage freaks me out. I think in my culture what marriage actually means has been blurred by combining legal and religious terms in ways that don’t always make sense. If there weren’t so many legal benefits (and WHY are there so many legal benefits? I thought we were supposed to be separating church and state) I probably would never get married. The thought of having a wedding appeals to me in that I’ll be able to wear a gorgeous green dress and have all my friends giving me attention, but the very thought of having some person announce us “husband and wife” makes me deeply uncomfortable. The term I use now—partner—feels right, but when I use it in public people assume I’m in a lesbian relationship. I hate having to explain even though I’m also amused by the weight such words carry—one reason I love the English language. What I want to say is: “my partner has a penis, actually. But we don’t really fall into gender stereotypes. If I were to be cliché I would say that I wear the ‘pants’ in the relationship.” It’s because 'partner' is a gender-neutral term, and therefore fits us better. Which I like for some reason. Maybe because as far as gender is concerned, I view myself differently than the norm? Do I really define gender differently than what is usual? How do you define it?

So I like the term “partner”. I also like the term “mate”. Probably because I feel that most animals that take sexual partners do it much more sensibly than humans in general. I like to think I am sensible in that respect (at least NOW. My reasons for being in a relationship before were lame human ones). But Brian is already my mate, and I call him so all the time. It's not a legal or religious thing at all. If I do get married I’m going to have them call us “partners” or “mates” in the ceremony, and we can be “partners” throughout the marriage.
I’ve been thinking about marriage a lot lately simply because all of my past friends are married (some of them with several kids!). I also have two cousins (one a couple years older, one a couple years younger) getting married this summer. Maybe it’s something I’ll want someday because of romantic reasons, but for right now I can only see doing it for the monetary advantages.
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YES. Taking a couple hours to just bum around and relax DOES make a person feel better. I KNEW this, but I get incredibly anxious when I call in sick (a throwback from the abuse I experienced at JAX perhaps? They did threaten me to come in the day after I spent six hours in the emergency room dying). So I'm still feeling a little stuffy, but I can BREATH again, nausea gone, and I feel some energy coming back. I have two days off now, so I'm going to continue to be nice to myself.

Good things: Dr. Horrible soundtrack. If Dr. Horrible was real I'd marry him. I think Brian would understand.

I rode! Yay! I was good and took it easy-only about ten minutes of riding after I lunged her. Deli was surprisingly good for having not worked in a week (but yes, she was hyper as heck). We had our best downward transition ever, with her sitting back so nicely that I actually felt her bum go DOWN and her back lift. I'm not sure what I did to make that happen... I think it was accident I need to fiddle with. Lunging her over raised poles and tiny cross rails HAS been making a difference. When I ask her to step up it feels like she has more of an engine than usual.

Also, you know what's neat? Now when lunging her without equipment or anything but a bridle (sometimes just a halter) Deli will drop her head and lift her back. It is so neat to see! She's figuring out that it feels good to move like that.

Other than that I've been cleaning, watched Boy Culture on my new widescreen, and accidentally flooded the bathroom. Which led to me scrubbing the whole bathroom. Living with Brian has made me appreciate the fact that women don;t just generate FLUFF. He's clean and he always does the bathroom, but wherever he goes he brings fluff with him.

I really wish I had the impetus to really get my project Infinity Roads (found at [ profile] infinity_roads for now) up and running. I'm too critical of my art and it slows me down. And yet my favorite stuff is my scribbly fluid sketches. I just need to get out there and SCRIBBLE it. Webcomics always start out with lame art (yes, it's a comic), but people come for the STORY. And I have an awesome story. I'm also in love with the main character, Kahalie (pictured in title page). That's another man I'd marry if he didn't come from my brain!

Anyone interested in reading a webcomic? Maybe if I knew I had people reading I would be inspired. It is fantasy/cyberpunk/magic/technology/dragons/angst/love/fighting/unicorns (not your typical kind)/sex/stuff that will make you think. Oh, and it WILL be rated R. But only because the main character is Kahalie. Hard to explain really without a long-winded explanation...
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Brian got me for Christmas, along with several DVDs I’ve needed (Boondock Saints and Pan’s Labyrinth!), a “breeding pair” of horse figures—I shit you not, that’s what he called them! I already had one of this type, from my sister, of a black mustang (gelding) rearing. He got me a mare-Friesian figure, and a tobiano stallion. Apparently he actually sifted through all the horse figures looking for a stallion with balls-and-all, and a mare (with an udder). When I opened them he was like, “look! The mare is bigger than the stallion, so you don’t have to worry about her being a virgin!”
He also said that the pinto was trotting (and he was).
And the other day when we were grooming Deli, I left for a moment to get her tack and come back to find him resting his head on her. Because she was soft and floofy. I know he really likes her, as horses go, and often tells me she is very pretty. It’s cute how her slutty peeing-on-herself days make him all embarrassed too. Did I mention he is a really good stall cleaner and when he comes to the barn with me he goes and makes up her food without me doing anything?
Yeah, stuff like this makes me happy.
He will never be a horse person, but he listens and enjoys my near-constant horse babble. And he remembers stuff!

I DO need to get a horse he can really ride someday. One of those lazy-couch horses who is more likely to fall asleep when a bomb goes off than do anything. I’m thinking when I have the job and the money required, I’ll scoop up some neglected older horse who needs a life of lots of grooming (Brian could groom for hours) and light riding on the trails for Brian and some of my beginner friends and family.

Anyways, I just had to share.
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I’m debating… and this is a toughie because the weather has been so odd lately, but I really want to start leaving Deli’s blanket off more. I’m worried about her though—she still coughs when starting to exercise, sometimes coughing up small amounts of mucous. It has been about a month since her episode and the vets did say that her lungs may be vulnerable for an undetermined amount of time. She doesn’t have deep coughs and is otherwise fine, and the nights have been getting warmer. I’ll just have to play it by… feel.

In other news she is shedding huge amounts. While Shinto LOOKED fuzzier when I had her, Deli seems to be shedding out more. I can’t wait till her summer coat come in! She is going to be so pretty (more so). My head feels much better today, as do my pulled muscles. There is so much I want to DO with Deli, but it includes riding, which I shouldn’t do, and walking out on the irrigation ditches, which I think she couldn’t do sanely today because of the wind. I’m still somewhat frustrated about this whole business, so I may clean some of Leah’s stalls today to help her out so that she can, if she has time, help me out. I shouldn’t be in a rush, but I feel rushed and anxious for some reason.

In other news, I HATE the wind. I’m serious, if I could pick one kind of weather I would gladly go without, it would be windy days. Strangely enough, the kind of wind you get on a beach doesn’t bother me, but rather exhilarates me. Valley wind however makes me grumpy to the nth degree. It makes me sour; it makes me uncomfortable and gives me a headache. I can’t go outside during the summers when we have the lovely hot windy days. The feel of it on my skin just makes me want to scream.

Yesterday I was in a fairly bad mood throughout. The combination of wind and period cramps gave me a headache, which on top of the concussion speaking, was terrible even with painkiller. I took Brian to the SCA thing because he really wanted to go, but we ended up leaving earlier than he probably would have liked because I was feeling so uncomfortable. It was very wet and windy there, and many things were not set up because the field was basically one big puddle. Despite that, the fighting was VERY cool. I thought it was going to be more make-believe than real but WOW, everyone was dressed in armor (medieval) and many of them had shields. They wielded “stick weapons” which they literally beat each other over the head with. It was quite fun to watch. Brian decided for himself that I would not be an honorable fighter (I kept saying, “Why don’t they hit them in the back, or bash them with their sword?”) whereas he would be “killed” very quickly by these huge knights. Anyhoo, the SCA seems fun.

Brian showed up at my house around 8:00 yesterday morning with pancakes and a kiss. It was lovely to be woken by him. The only bad thing about that was that I woke up at 8:00 of course. He fixed my license plate while I got ready to go, and we visited Deli. She still loves him and he had a good laugh over her massive shedding while we brushed her. He also pointed out that I should trust my instincts with her because I’m getting to know her well. It was unusually busy at the barn (+ windy) when we got there so she was visibly nervous (not bad in any way, just tense). I told Brian that she would calm down when we started grooming her—and she did. She is very itchy and loves being groomed. I can’t wait to give her a nice bath when the weather warms up and stays warm. She might disagree. She isn’t a huge fan of water!

After the SCA outing Brian and I came back to my place and I rested my head. Eventually I ended up taking him to ice cream at Cold Stone for the evening, and we made tacos for dinner. Sadly he didn’t stay the night because he intended to visit his parents this weekend. BAD planning on his part because I told my parents I would visit them next weekend. The boy really isn’t good at organizing things.

I’m supposed to do a midday training shift today so I’m going to get to it. No contacts today because if I wear them my eyes are going to kill me.
I wish I could go back to bed and sleep another 24 hours or so. I had more odd Andrew-dreams that left me feeling "huh?"
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I have a fair bit to do today and I’m going to be doing it all on less sleep than I should thanks to my roommates. I still have to decide if I want Warren to live with me, even WITH my demands (not having a room near his, and my own bathroom). The fact is the more people the better my rent will be. One and two bedroom apartments are comparatively more expensive per person for what you get than a larger house. I’m definitely living with Allison, hopefully in west (or north) Davis.

The plan is, at the moment, to stay in Davis for at least another year. If I stay past that I will most likely be getting my own place. If a full time job can’t pay for that then it must not be a good job. If I can get a fairly good job here, then perhaps I’ll stay longer. I had a small discussion with Brian about our futures. Considering everything I think a long distance relationship would be painful for the both of us. He thought about it and isn’t necessarily gung-ho about living with me no matter where I go to school. I am more flexible than that but lets face it—if anyone is going to be going to grad school, or moving far away, it is ME.
Still I really love the west coast. And I love Davis too. However, if grad school becomes something I really want to do, I can’t let Brian hold me back. At least I don’t have to worry about this for awhile!

Deli is doing well, though I haven’t had huge amounts of time for her lately. It has been okay though because I’ve still been visiting her, lunging her, and cleaning her daily. I’ve been feeling particularly exhausted as of late—plus the cold and rain makes me want to just snuggle in bed all day, preferably with the boy. Being woken up early doesn’t help either.

I have a final essay (not started) due Wednesday.
I have to talk to my major advisor about the honors thesis (basically they never told us WHAT we have to do for it—i.e. when it is due, what needs to be done for it, who should it be turned in to, etc. I have an almost complete thesis—I just need to uber-revise the poems I have and figure out a good order. I’m going to work on revisions on campus today and give them to Sandy this evening.
Spanish oral exam today in 2 hours. So sleepy.
I need to visit Deli. I’m thinking about attaching reins to her when I lunge today. My bridle should be arriving within the next couple days so I’m going to start lunging her in that too. Her feet are holding up OK. The stall mats are helping, which makes me happy.

Yesterday Deli got her head caught under the lead rope and freaked out by pulling back. The rope was caught around her poll. She may have strained a muscle because she seemed a bit stiff when I lunged her afterwards. However, when I visited later she was normal. When she panicked she kind of bumped me aside (nothing bad) and I quickly got to her head and talked softly to her and she relaxed enough for me to untie the rope. I love how she responds to my voice now and most of the time relaxes when she hears me. She was fine. She is such a sensible mare. For example—she had never been tied in her life and I have been tying her since she got here (gradually making the line shorter, actually tying the knot, etc.) and it has never bothered her except when she does something dumb (which even a horse trained to tie could do) like getting her head stuck under the rope.

I think after all that (I should be done around 5-6) I’m going to shower and take a nap. Then I’m going to start (and finish if I can) my essay tonight. That will leave me less stressed for our dance class Tuesday evening.

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So I actually got a fair amount done today, even with the boy spending the night last night. Even studied when he was here last night .
Yep. I’m a good girl.

Pony updates:

Today Deli got her teeth floated AND I wormed her while she was drunk on tranquilizers. No, she really is not good about things being stuck in her mouth.
It was quite funny leading her to the round pen when she was sedated. She kept crossing her legs. I put her in the round pen because I didn’t want her falling in the deep mud in her pasture, realized I’d left the wormer at my house, sped home to get it and sped back so that she wasn’t without me long. We are also not supposed to leave horses unattended in the arenas but luckily I told the one person there that my horse was drugged and no one else was around.
So, for future reference, the Cache Creek Vet hospital (in Woodland) is good for teeth floating. They did not use power tools but got the job done quickly. [For my own sake their number is: (530) 666-7322].
She really did need her teeth done.

The other day I discovered that Deli does have a buck in her. I wondered because even when galloping around I have never seen her to more than kick out. Well, when it is brisk but sunny, and the saddle is on her while she is galloping/cantering… lets just say that she is a talented bucker. She can really throw her hind end up and SPIN at the same time. Oy. I hate the spinning. That kills me. According to her original trainer she never actually bucked with a rider on though.

Everything is going well with her. When the bridles arrive (within the next week) I’m going to start getting her used to the bridle/bit. More than likely I’m going to free-lunge her with the bridle on. I’m also trying to remember how to train a horse to lower their head when you place a hand on their poll. That will be useful. I like my new cotton snap on reins. Hopefully the bit I got her will work. If not I’m sure I can find a buyer—it is a curved-mouthpiece medium-thickness French-link eggbutt snaffle.

I did get the vet bill today: $270.80 altogether, with the drugs being the most expensive part. Eep! And unfortunately they aren’t allowing payments so *groan* I get to call my Dad and beg again. I feel lame.

HOWEVER Allison just got a big paycheck and told me that she can get me my money this week and take me out to a dinner and movie. Yay, a hot date with a girl!
John also notified me when I bothered him today that he is going to send me a check for the $135 he owes Brian and I. $100 for Brian (finally!) and $35 for me. That will help quite a bit believe it or not.

Update on my more personal life … )

Things I did get done:

-Returned Denali’s blanket, the smaller dressage girth, and gave Leah a check for the girth that fits Deli.
-Said hi to Denali (Happy Birthday too!)
-Talked to people at the barn, including hassling John for money.
-The teeth floating and worming for Deli of course.
-Midterm over with!
-Turned in poetry application for Sandy’s class.
-I got some knitting done… during BONES (I love that show!)
-Registered for a bogus GE class. The last I have to take!
-Showered and enjoyed my new soap and the warmth.
-I also sent out the check for the vet bill. Sigh. I am so POOR!
-Regardless, I treated myself to coffee today.

Otherwise I just watched movies (the Simpsons), ate, and got absolutely NOTHING done. Now I’m going to go to bed early and sleep in (or can I? I should check the weather to see if I need to un-blanket Deli tomorrow morning).
EDIT: Showers expected! I’m so sleeping in.

And I’m jealous of [ profile] catwithclaws because she has a new bunny that has markings like a panda.

There are things I want to rant about but it is bed time.
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So I’ve decided to cut my ONE measly class today. It is such a nice day and I feel fairly energized—I feel like I can get a lot done if I really buckle down. I figure I should be able to allow the anal-perfectionist-A- is a bad grade in me be bad at least once a quarter.

I had an amazing evening with Brian last night, and I actually got work done on my thesis with him around! He is making such a valiant effort to change the things about himself that most irk me. Chief in that are the not liking animals and the fact that I sometimes get NO response from him at all when I’m trying to talk to him. As I explained to him, silence doesn’t bother me (he is a quiet guy) it is the NOT responding to me. Anyways, he has been going out with me to see Deli quite a bit, and has even enjoyed brushing her. She LOVES him. I think it is because of his quiet calm demeanor. Other boys are like “wow a big animal!” and they go right for their face. Needless to say Deli appreciates his “you can come to me and I’ll give you treats” attitude!
And last night I hurried home after seeing Deli and he met me there. Instead of hanging out and playing computer while I took a shower, he stood in the steamy bathroom and chatted with me about our days. It was wonderful.
The salsa class was fun too. We had to walk all the way across campus to get to it though! No parking permit from Son-Ahn. But we goofed off while we walked so it was all good!
And we ran into Brooke! I miss her and it was nice to see her and catch up a bit. I need to arrange a movie day or something for the old crowd…
Salsa class wore me out though! I am seriously out of shape.

Brian ended up spending the night on his own volition. It makes me feel so special when he clearly wants to even though he has an 8:00 class in the mornings (ICK!). I worked on my thesis some and read poems to him—on which he gave GOOD advice and directions to work in.

I was planning on slogging through today but the sun is out! I want to go play with Deli lots today (I’m thinking hand walk her down a trail for a bit and let her graze).
I have a lesson to teach at 3 with Tiffany.
I have to sign up for teaching Spring Quarter.
I really want to vaccinate Deli! But there hasn’t been anyone around consistently who can hold her.
I need to get Thrushbuster or something similar for Deli because the standing in mud and water all day is making her feet very soft. Her frogs are VERY soft in fact, and she has some thrush starting in her toe. I guess I should make that Dover order. Their side reins are still the cheapest I’ve found anywhere.

And a question for the horse folks:
Should I buy a surcingle for Deli? She doesn’t have high withers so I am concerned the saddle will move quite a bit with the sidereins on and I’m not getting her a crupper at this point (that will happen WAY in the future when I start doing hardcore trail with her. Because she will rock at it once she is trained.) I plan to use the sidereins to develop her back muscles at this point. I am not concerned about head carriage at the moment. She doesn’t have a two-inches-from-you-face carriage. We will work on that after she knows “right” and “left”!

I also signed up for the CHA clinic during spring break! Hello pay raise and the ability to teach riding outside of the EQC! Right, I must call my Dad and have him give me the money for that. Oy.

And I’m going to be volunteering at the craft center next quarter too.

Things I want to get done today:

Relax! I’ll watch Bones tonight and knit probably. Then, if I have gotten enough done, play WoW, something I haven’t done in AGES!

Get lots of revisions done on my thesis. With luck I can give Sandy stuff tomorrow.

Spanish homework.

Chaucer reading.

Deli. Maybe convince Allison to come out today? Then I could vaccinate her.

Food shopping! (And I also need to buy shavers.)

My birthday (22yrs) is coming up and I find myself with more friends that I feel close to than any period in my life.

So I actually want to throw a good sized party. My birthday is on a Thursday and Deli’s is the next day so I’m thinking Saturday (May 6th) for the party.

Here is my tentative invitee list, though I know I have forgotten some people:
Read more... )
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So, one God-awful day later (and it is not over yet! Eep!) I am home again, for a brief spell before my knitting class. I feel lame because I skipped it last week. As a plus I don't have to go see Deli (they feed really early at Horse Quarters so she would just want to eat now anyways) because she is eating just fine now and I've visted her already this morning.

I am so tired.

I wish more than anything I could live alone. That would solve about half the problems in my life right now.

But I can't afford it, or anything, right now.

I could bitch about all the things gone wrong today so far, but I just called up Brian and bitched to him so it is redundant. He is a good listener and he knows how to make me laugh and cheer me up. I feel sane enough to relax a little now. He also has "plans" for this weekend. These plans involve going to visit Deli too-- Maybe I will buy that whip before then...

Where has he been all my life. Seriously. I've been feeling so grumpy and he takes it all in stride. He tells me when I'm being a bitch but he still wants to be with me. Plus, it is hard to be annoyed with a boy hugging you. Unless it is a boy other than him!
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I have a busy day ahead of me. But first, my Valentines Day. )

Plans for today:
-I’m also meeting with Dr. Roser today (1:00) to discuss my equine science minor.
-I have a lesson to teach to 3 (with Tiffany) but I think I will swing by the barn and see how Deli is doing first and probably give her another flake (of grass this time?).
- Drop off poems at some point for Sandy.
-Come home eat/shower and work on my editors stuff and other homework.
-Bones at 9?

Ah life.

Feb. 12th, 2006 11:32 pm
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I’m not really a people person.
But y’know, sometimes people can be pretty cool.

For example, the people at my new barn, Horse Quarters, are all very friendly and helpful. I haven’t seen “Karen”, the vet that initially helped me when Deli got off the trailer, but I am planning on giving her a world of thanks.

Leah has been awesome—for one letting me use her “all-in-one” and also lending useful things like thermometers and her time. I had a lot of fun with her this evening playing with Deli. My horse has been trained some odd stuff. On the lunge she turns and looks at you and won't move any way ut backwards. Very odd. I will need to do some research on the Parelli (sp?) stuff to see if this is something they "do" for some reason. Otherwise she is very good. No fever for her by the way! This is good because it means she is so far healthy and kicking. Allison grumbled at me because she said there could still be bugs there. I'm not sure because she wasn't really SICK to begin with. The antibiotics were to prevent it. La dee dah. As you said Leah: "welcome to horse ownership!"

I’m still way behind on all my work, but for some strange reason I got a 97% on my Spanish midterm. How the fuck did that happen?! It must be partly Brian’s doing—he calmed me down the day before (because I was a wreck). Goodness knows I didn’t study.

And Brian. Uh, yeah. It is frightening how close we have gotten, but for some reason I’m not frightened. We balance each other well. We spent a good amount of time Saturday giggling over retarded things—like the fact that microbes have pili—and it was perfect. Ahh geek love.

I could write more. But I am tired. And beer needs to be drunk because I am all jazzed from watching tonight episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

That show has surpassed Desperate Housewives and House, combined in its greatness. It makes me cry, it makes me laugh, it makes my limbs fall asleep without me noticing, it makes me want sex, it makes me want to become a lesbian, etc. But it never makes me want to become a doctor. Go figure.

And YAY for Allison! She bought me a hand carved flippy knife in Mexico. It is so pretty!

Oh, and I got an “honorable mention” award for one of my fiction pieces (“Babies”). And $100 to boot. That will help the vet bill.

And I’m going to do poetry for my honor’s project. That will make Sandy happy.

Oop, the alcohol is kicking in. I really need to learn how not to drink so fast. That sentence is wrong in so many ways.

OH! And grandma and Jenny stopped by the stable to pick up the blow-up bed thingy ma-jig. They got to meet Deli too. Pressure points. Yeah. I should have asked THEM where the bathroom was. And I should have gotten them to take me to dinner but... playing with Deli was more fun.


Feb. 1st, 2006 08:01 pm
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Brian is being all sweet with the horse-stuff and whatnot just to please me. That isn’t bad. I just want him to like it all on his own! However, if I can get him interested in the theory and really show him the WHY behind my liking of horses I think he will have fun.

He volunteered to have me pick him up after my Sunday lesson to head out and visit Deli before going home and bumming out on the couch. I don’t think I have anything major due next week besides the midterm exam in ENL113b on Thursday (plenty of time to study right?). This weekend is going to be CRAZY and busy. Allison stopped by and gave me the stuff I need to do with Cavi. Cleaning his stall = money for me. PLUS, I’m building up favors to take care of my horse.

My horse. Sigh. I’ve waited so long for this.

Brian is so wonderful. He tries so hard to make me happy. I won’t be seeing him Saturday as usual, but it will be my first day with Deli so I need that time. Also, I’m seriously thinking of spreading out her feeding so that she doesn’t get a tummy ache. I will mix her hay but most of what she eats normally is forage and pasture grass so going straight to hay may be a bit of a shock to her system. I’m going to talk to Dave about it to see if he can feed her like that, but more than likely I’ll just have to do it myself.

We have a salsa dance class next Tuesday and of course my knitting class Thursday.

Things are finally rolling!

And you know what? NAPS are wonderful!


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