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Watching Tevis rankings right now. Interesting stuff.

LV Integrity = an older Arabian horse with 34 100-mile completions for endurance.

8215 recorded miles with 12 BCs! Wowza.

He's 20 and looks incredible.

He has Bask on both sides (Deli does too, but one further generation back and only on one side) and Bay El Bey.

I'm saving this pedigree because I really want to do some research for horses that KEEP GOING. Not that I need a horse that can do that many 100 milers, but long-term soundness is a THING I WANT.

Though to be perfectly honest, Deli would probably be one of those ever-sound ponies if she didn't get in accidents. Her conformation is good enough. She's got straight legs and an incredible sporthorse shoulder/humerus combination. The only issues she's had that were not related to traumatic accidents that were 90% of the time caused by another horse has been two very minor stone bruises and one minor abscess, all of which made her off for about 3 days. Even her splint was from a kick by another horse (thank GOD it was just her splint bone that was fractured, right?!) that I SAW happen. She does have sensitive skin and reacts worse to bites and stings and flies around her eyes, so that's something. So far she has come back from all her injuries, but I think weaknesses are stacking on weaknesses now after all her injuries. Not surprising. The fact that she's HAD so many injuries and I'm still re-habbing her for more riding right now must say something about her solidness. I'm not sure what she's going to be able to do in the future, or how she will hold up to hard work now. I guess we shall see. She does seem to STAY more comfortable when she is getting good exercise and is in shape, as you would expect.
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Isn't it just nuts this is the first time I've looked at this?

I knew she had Bask... but I've never spent much time researching stallions/mares (except for Shagyas, which I've now done a TON of research on). From what I can see on her sire's side, they are VERY polish. Which is pretty obvious when you look at her.

No idea about the Saddlebred side.


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