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Thanks people, for calling me at the buttcrack of dawn to wish me a happy birthday. I really appreciate not getting sleep. Thanks.
Oh, and when you call me to wish me a happy birthday, don't bitch me out, ok? Sure, love you too.

The apartment thing is killing me. I told Sharon when I GOT the application that my Dad would be paying all my rent for several months, but now apparently he has to co-sign.

Kinda difficult to do that quickly isn't it now? So the woman I'm getting the apartment from is ready to bail on me, I STILL can't get ahold of my old apartment complex, so I get to drive over there now...

Oh, and just for kicks, they have decided to not allow caged animals anymore. WHAT?! Now I'm all angry and upset. I really wanted to get a bunny quite badly. Birds will still be allowed though.

I feel so cheated. So exausted. So depressed.

Not to mention everything else.

Sorry Deli, looks like I'm not going to have much time for you today.
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So I’ve decided to cut my ONE measly class today. It is such a nice day and I feel fairly energized—I feel like I can get a lot done if I really buckle down. I figure I should be able to allow the anal-perfectionist-A- is a bad grade in me be bad at least once a quarter.

I had an amazing evening with Brian last night, and I actually got work done on my thesis with him around! He is making such a valiant effort to change the things about himself that most irk me. Chief in that are the not liking animals and the fact that I sometimes get NO response from him at all when I’m trying to talk to him. As I explained to him, silence doesn’t bother me (he is a quiet guy) it is the NOT responding to me. Anyways, he has been going out with me to see Deli quite a bit, and has even enjoyed brushing her. She LOVES him. I think it is because of his quiet calm demeanor. Other boys are like “wow a big animal!” and they go right for their face. Needless to say Deli appreciates his “you can come to me and I’ll give you treats” attitude!
And last night I hurried home after seeing Deli and he met me there. Instead of hanging out and playing computer while I took a shower, he stood in the steamy bathroom and chatted with me about our days. It was wonderful.
The salsa class was fun too. We had to walk all the way across campus to get to it though! No parking permit from Son-Ahn. But we goofed off while we walked so it was all good!
And we ran into Brooke! I miss her and it was nice to see her and catch up a bit. I need to arrange a movie day or something for the old crowd…
Salsa class wore me out though! I am seriously out of shape.

Brian ended up spending the night on his own volition. It makes me feel so special when he clearly wants to even though he has an 8:00 class in the mornings (ICK!). I worked on my thesis some and read poems to him—on which he gave GOOD advice and directions to work in.

I was planning on slogging through today but the sun is out! I want to go play with Deli lots today (I’m thinking hand walk her down a trail for a bit and let her graze).
I have a lesson to teach at 3 with Tiffany.
I have to sign up for teaching Spring Quarter.
I really want to vaccinate Deli! But there hasn’t been anyone around consistently who can hold her.
I need to get Thrushbuster or something similar for Deli because the standing in mud and water all day is making her feet very soft. Her frogs are VERY soft in fact, and she has some thrush starting in her toe. I guess I should make that Dover order. Their side reins are still the cheapest I’ve found anywhere.

And a question for the horse folks:
Should I buy a surcingle for Deli? She doesn’t have high withers so I am concerned the saddle will move quite a bit with the sidereins on and I’m not getting her a crupper at this point (that will happen WAY in the future when I start doing hardcore trail with her. Because she will rock at it once she is trained.) I plan to use the sidereins to develop her back muscles at this point. I am not concerned about head carriage at the moment. She doesn’t have a two-inches-from-you-face carriage. We will work on that after she knows “right” and “left”!

I also signed up for the CHA clinic during spring break! Hello pay raise and the ability to teach riding outside of the EQC! Right, I must call my Dad and have him give me the money for that. Oy.

And I’m going to be volunteering at the craft center next quarter too.

Things I want to get done today:

Relax! I’ll watch Bones tonight and knit probably. Then, if I have gotten enough done, play WoW, something I haven’t done in AGES!

Get lots of revisions done on my thesis. With luck I can give Sandy stuff tomorrow.

Spanish homework.

Chaucer reading.

Deli. Maybe convince Allison to come out today? Then I could vaccinate her.

Food shopping! (And I also need to buy shavers.)

My birthday (22yrs) is coming up and I find myself with more friends that I feel close to than any period in my life.

So I actually want to throw a good sized party. My birthday is on a Thursday and Deli’s is the next day so I’m thinking Saturday (May 6th) for the party.

Here is my tentative invitee list, though I know I have forgotten some people:
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