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Dec. 13th, 2010 12:23 pm
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Messing about on my boyfriend's tablet. This is my second set of drawings. I also have a couple of dragon sketches.

It's an odd tool, but fun. Brian says he actually owns Illustrator but hasn't been able to find it yet. Me want!
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From Fall 2010
From Fall 2010

More at my deviantArt page. Still craving critiques!
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Bunny Warrior
by ~lurath on deviantART

I spent a LONG time getting the pose right, and I'm pleased with how it turned out.

The weather here today is pretty crazy — very windy and rainy. It's nice weather to study in! Which is what I need to do now... lots of Administrative Law reading to do, and potentially work on my law review write-on once I get the password today.
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by ~lurath on deviantART

Look, I drew something! Just a pencil sketch that I cleaned up, but it was much needed for my brain to be quiet and study.

Anyone want to do trades when I am on my short vacation?
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I'm actually working on my comic project Infinity Roads today. Go me!

I'll ask this once—ANYONE want to make a cameo appearance in the first chapter (chapter 0)?

You can go as your human self (though I'll warn ahead of time this is a sketchy comic... exact likeness not guaranteed!) or as your fursona/avatar/whatever you like.

I'm getting more fluid and less anal as I go, which is pleasing me. For some reason, though I realize my anatomy gets wonky at times, my scribbles are nicer drawings than my perfect lines. I just had to pull out a ballpoint and some soft lead pencil really!


I hope this gets easier and less time consuming as I go.
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I should do this.

Or at least submit and see if I get in.

Deadline is November 10th.
Yeeks, that's soon.
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I have alot more art that I need to upload and dealie.

I was planning on working out today (I did yesterday) but I'm cramping and bloated. Guh, periods suck. Why couldn't I be a man? On these days I just feel like showering and staying in bed. Meh, I'll get lots of exercise tommorow!

Anyways, I drew this fairly quickly the other day. It depicts Brian and I, somewhat naked but not being dirty. I'm still debating on whether or not I should change my fursona... this is one of my ideas for that.

Basically: saber-toothed lion + longtailed weasel. I've always been a weasel, I just feel like I've changed alot in the 13-14 years I have had this fursona and maybe I need something new.

Also, I still use my school e-mail (mnburcham@ucd...), but I just got a gmail account. My user name is "lurath" of course!
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So, it is official: I love busy-stress. When I say “love” I don’t mean I’m googly-eyes giddy, I just mean it makes me happy to have my brain tingly and busy. The only problem with this lately has been Warren, but I think I’ve complained about that enough for a bit, right? The ignoring him is working well, though he takes a long time to get hints. Dhur.

Seriously though, links to my art-stuff inside! Bwaha. )

Sleep time now.


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