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To not be in constant pain.

But since that isn't possible, I'd go for a full checkup for my car, as it's nearing 150k miles. Servicing a VW can be EXPENSIVE.
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Anyone interested in forming a snarky horse-centric commentary blog (re: fugly, but better)? I have some other people that are interested.

It would be nice to have a group of people with vastly different backgrounds. I could supply legal commentary on the horse slaughter issue, for example, or commentary on exploring barefoot trimming (and snarking about the extreme people in that group).

We could also set up a GoogleAdSense account so there could be some potential to make a small bit of money. Or quite a bit of money if it became popular.

I'm considering inviting an actual equine lawyer, too, if this is something I can rassle up some interest for.
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This is for work.

I knew they were bad, obviously.

Yes, these are from an animal welfare organization. But the videos DO speak for themselves. And I've dug into SHARK (the organization) and they are legit. Aggressive, but legit.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Just so you know, looking at Rodeo guidelines -- a lot of the things you see (particularly with the calves) are AGAINST them.
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Follow this link since the embedding isn't working.

Please feel free to share this anywhere, including your friends and family, the wider web, and pet communities on Livejournal. And do let me know if you have other responses to taking this here.

The more results I get, the BETTER! Thank you and have a cookie.
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Now I'm waffling. I had my eyes on the Zilco Marathon. It's still my top contender because I love how adjustable it is, and it would match my breast plate. I could also turn it into a RATHER tame halter side-pull as they have pictured here. I was thinking about getting the sheepskin nose cover anyway, because the Zilco straps are pretty thin and I'd worry they would irritate Deli.

However, this RJ halter-bridle combination is much cheaper, and looks more comfortable. It does not look like the nose-band piece is adjustable though, which could be an issue due to Deli's thick nose. I tend to keep my noseband looser on trails so she can eat more freely, but she still needs something there since she will gap her mouth to avoid the bit if she is being really bad. This company also makes an attractive side pull that I THINK I could attach bit hangers to, which they also sell separately (you see that upper ring? Would that be too high to attach a bit?).

I started looking at the RJ rope tack because I found their reins to be just what I was looking for. I'll probably be getting those whether I get I get the Zilco or the RJ bridle.

So, if cost, comfort (for Deli), adjust-ability, ease-of-use and style were what you were concerned about, which would you go for? I can afford to get the Zilco at this point, but spending less would be better for my overall finances. They both come in royal blue, so that's less of an issue. I am planning on getting bit guards for Deli's trail bridle since I could only find loose-ring versions of the sweet iron french link I got her. That bit should be more comfy for long rides than her dressage bridle, and she usually seems more willing to drink with the bit in if it's copper or sweet iron.

I have my SnugPax pommel bag picked out for purchase too. She is going to look smashing all in blue with her dark dark red coat.
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I probably haven't mentioned it, but back when I as looking at competitive lines, I fell in love with KB Omega Fahim. He remains my favorite stud two years later, AND he's an approved Shagya Arabian stud.

I hope he is still producing foals when it comes time for me to buy one -- I'd like one of of his Shagya babies!
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I'm going to update this post as I organize the stuff I want to sell. I'll put photos up as well. Let me know if there is anything you are looking for.

I'm going to have my Toklat Woolback Horse Breastplate up for grabs. Used, but still in superb condition. I'll wash it to get all my horse hair off it. $20obo.

Two pairs of Cashel Cool Leg Guards. Used once for... an hour? $15/pair obo.

I have a Hug Heavyweight blanket, size 72" in dark green. Worn for about a week by my horse, I can wash it before sending it out as well.
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My horses in my backyard, big kitchen, garden and Brian.
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I wanted to amend my desire to find a Dee ring sweet iron french link bit and say that a drop-cheek or baucher/fillis bit french link might work well for my trail bridle too. Or maybe I should think about getting a new leather or synthetic leather bridle for use all the time, since my focus with Deli is definitely going to shift to more trail riding with a dressage base. Someone said this bit + a drop nose band would be ideal for Deli and her face shape, and it will still have some of the qualities I like from the dee ring -- as in putting pressure on the cheeks and not sliding through the mouth.

When Deli was first being ridden she would gape her mouth a LOT, but I've been loosening her noseband lately and have not noticed her gaping at all, so I think it was just her early bit-avoidance. For trails I have been leaving it on it's loosest setting (fitting 3 fingers under it) so she can eat more easily.

Reading Sustainable Dressage makes me think this might be true. BUT the bridle I'm getting for the trails does not have a nose band per say, just the underlying halter whose cheek pieces are not adjustable.

Here is the trail bridle I want, by the way. I need to figure out the color combination I'm going to do. Her color is royal blue so either the halter or headstall needs to be that color. I'm just debating whether the other part should be navy or electric blue.

Either way I'm not going to buy this until I 1. have a summer job and 2. know I'll be able to ride Deli regularly over the summer.

Has anyone used a baucher bit before? Thoughts?

I was also thinking I could just get THIS french-link and slap those hideous ribber bit guards on it. I imagine they will give some rubbery cheek pressure and then Deli's lips will be protected. Plus, it's a cheap bit!

I've only ridden one horse with the rubber guards. No idea if that will work the way I want.

EDIT: OMG! You can gt those bit guards in royal blue! EVERYTHING WOULD MATCH. Here is the a link for future reference. Horse tack-searching is so much more interesting than everything else in my life. Even when I haven't been able to ride her much at all because of the weather!
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If anyone finds a 5 inch D-ring sweet iron french link (ideally with a horizontal link) bit for sale online somewhere PLEASE let me know. Medium thickness with curved bars preferred.

I've found some loose rings, but that's it.
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But this month I've had Deli for 5 years.

Hard to believe.

I can still vividly remember that terrible first day she was mine.

On the other hand, look how far we've come! Plus, she's the one that makes me believe in love at first sight. I love that I get to brag about her. She's no schoolmaster but we definitely have a rapport that makes all the ladies at the barn jealous. Although in all honesty, being able to turn herself around on the lunge line by a verbal isn't THAT amazing, but they don't have her juicy big brain to work with.

Also, Leah? I don't think I ever properly thanked you for being so awesome and supportive that first year. So, thanks!
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This is what I need:
"I was wondering if you could suggest a horse organization or two that has basic horse care on their website. We are looking for organizations who are the gold standard in what is good horse care and could be cited to in our legislation as authority as to the basic care a horse needs, which people could not disagree with."

I'm thinking the Humane Society of America and the American Veterinary Medical Association for starters.
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From Winter 2010-2011

This is a macro photo of my sister's cat, Mecha's (short for Mechanical Warhead) face. He is quite a handsome fellow (Siamese and DSH cross) and could care less that my camera was an inch away from his eyeball.


Dec. 13th, 2010 10:28 pm
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Guess what Deli did today?

Got her very first abscess!

The day before my biggest and most important exam. Guess What I spent 5 hours doing instead of studying?

Kill. Me. Now.

BTW, it's newborn diapers, right? I was able to borrow the stuff I needed for a poultice tonight, but I need to go stock up tomorrow.

Art stuff.

Dec. 13th, 2010 12:23 pm
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Messing about on my boyfriend's tablet. This is my second set of drawings. I also have a couple of dragon sketches.

It's an odd tool, but fun. Brian says he actually owns Illustrator but hasn't been able to find it yet. Me want!
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See if you can spot her injured leg:

How does it look? I know it looks BETTER than before by heaps and bounds, but from your standpoint, how awful is it at this point? And sorry for the quality. Like I mentioned before it's hard to get her to be pretty when I'm trying to juggle three things (and failing btw). She doesn't like to move if I'm not communicating clearly.
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I just had the BEST arena-ride. I've decided that I basically love my fleece breeches. Plus, I actually like the (fake) leather that goes all the way up to just UNDER my bum cheeks. It's very grippy but I don't feel like someone is grabbing my ass. Now I need to find my fleece-lined riding gloves.

The good news is that we cantered under saddle and she felt balanced and strong on that weaker lead! This is GREAT, because it means the rehabilitation really is working. And she was very attentive and moved off my leg so nicely, which was a treat. I also decided that our canter work is going to be done in a half-seat (since a real 2-point is impossible in my deep dressage saddle) because then we stay out of each others way. She picks up the canter much more comfortably and is getting used to the feeling of me being more forwardly balanced. For some reason I felt really balanced and with her today too — which is maybe why she was so responsive?

Oh, and it started snowing as I hopped off her. Lovely thick flakes that melted when they hit the ground. I still get ridiculously excited when it snows. Of course, now it's just freezing rain.

It's less exciting now that I'm home and I'm having to deal with our thermostat being broken. It's 50 degrees in the house (38 outside, so it is still warmer in here) so I'm a BIT chilly. Luckily I have a space heater I can sit next to while I study and waste electricity while I do.

I LOVE living here! It's so neat having occasional snow.
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Is Livejournal not working right for anyone else? I've checked and double checked all my settings but I'm not getting e-mail notifications anymore for anything. Highly annoying.

Also, the [ profile] redmarerunning feed does not seem to be working. Leah? I need to learn how to set those up...
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These Cavallo pastern wraps might solve my problem if I add the gel pads to the bottom. It doesn't look like they would be affected by her fetlock scar either.

EGADS, what keeps EXPLODING in my neighborhood? 4th of July is long over, Portland-people.
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Someone recommended Crazy Ropes to me for a cheap but quality bosals/side pull combination.

When Deli is a BAD BAD girl on the trails I'm not sure having a bit would help (since it's mostly avoidance, balking) and I would love to make it easier for her to eat on the go, too.

I don't particularly like the Dr. Cook bridles and how tight the noseband has to be for them. Deli first trainer said she would ALWAYS need a noseband, but I think that is less true now. I have been leaving my noseband super loose lately to see what she thinks and she has liked it.

I may attach some lead ropes to her rope halter and see how steering works with just that before I decide.

Thoughts? Experiences?


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