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I love that my vet, who I'm probably helping to buy a boat, mails me super-everything-killer prescription shampoo and spray. MAILS IT TO ME. Because she knows I live far away from the clinic and that when I say something is wrong she knows I know what I'm talking about.

I don't know - I really like it when vets don't treat me like I know nothing. If I don't know, I'll ask.

So hopefully this stuff works.

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love love love vets like that.

the ones at UC Davis just had to show up, sit in the cab to show ally's file to the 4th years and residents and go 'oh holy crap' and realize that perhaps I knew enough to be treated a bit different. Dr. Spiers REALLY helped in that. She set the pace of 'Leah knows her stuff, she PULLS her own blood and drops it off for the gas analysis and runs blood work on her own IDEXX machine, we just drop off fluids and liquid bicarb, get a catheter in him and keep in touch with her. We love her.'

I admit, I got spoiled. Even the vets after that, but still in the UCD area had *heard* of Ally (you know, that horse with the ultra-rare metabolic issue who survived and in spite of relapses KEPT living) an because of good introductions (like through my farrier, Max), they treated me with knowledge. I think, also, they were more used to 'education knowledged' folks who might not be vets themselves but knew more than the combined knowledge of 20 pet owner off of the street.

Moving out to Utah I realized I had to put a bit more -- present myself as educated and knowledgeable and not 'omg wacky crazy 'mom' owner to a horse'. It was one of the struggles I had with Ally getting sick because I KNEW I sounded like an overprotective 'mom' owner. But yeah, you know? I WAS RIGHT. they ignored the flush back in his veins and the indications of the heart problems, and although I doubt we could have DONE anything then that was successful either way, at least once Dr. Hammer got on board and realized I *understood* and was willing and not irrational 'do all the things keep him alive ah ah ah ' but wanting ANSWERS so I could make the best decision that I could live with to put him down or not ... and he instantly respected me - and if not married, I don't even know where THAT would have gone. aaaanyhow.

with the small animal vets it often works as well. Not AS much experience, but onceI start asking questions that show more than even the basic understanding and outlining past troubles (oh, I'm sorry, did a spay two cats on my kitchen table? or lance an abscess on my bed??), the fact that I'm seeking more, not being pushy but engaging in a conversation of effects and pros and cons and 'what result will this test give us and will that result change how treat it' .... the respect definitely goes up.

and I ended up babbling. well then. *cough*

talking like you have a brain to your vets benefits you. short version.

yay :D


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