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The flu that I've had for going on three weeks now is FINALLY pretty much gone. Still a bit of manky-ness in my throat, but my energy level is finally increasing. It turns out I may have actually had walking pneumonia because apparently someone I was around right before getting sick had it, though they didn't tell me. Balls.

Deli has been doing decently. One thing I'm a little concerned about is that her RH stocks up a little over night in her stall-with-run. The vets tells me it is probably related to the fact that the tissues in that leg are ALL stretched out after last winters horrible cellulitus, and she will always get puffy in that leg more easily. She's sound and the puffiness goes away with a little movement.

I've been riding her VERY lightly, mixed in with ground work and lunging exercises. The atrophy on her right-side bum (yes, pretty much ALL of her injuries have been to her right-hind) is going to cause us some difficulty. Instead of using her bum muscles she is using her lower back on that side. She is sore in her lower back. She was sore there after two months off (well, essentially a YEAR out of regular work). This is why I've been riding her, because I can tell when she's just using her lower back and I can work with her to use her bum instead. It does seem to help and the muscles don't seem to become MORE sore due to riding, though I've been keeping my rides no more than 20 minutes and not riding two days in a row because the saddle does sit on the lower back muscles she has been overworking just by existing.

The 20 minute rides have been a good length given her winter-woolies (only now beginning to shed) as well, as much more than that and it takes her much to long to dry.

My plan is to start doing LOTS of hand-walking and jogging on the trails mixed in with light riding so I can be sure she is using her bum, since last time she had hind end issues that's what fixed her up in no time. Supposedly the trails are still too muddy to ride on and we have yet to be out on them at this new barn at all. They are on someone elses property and I still need to be shown where they are and where I am allowed to go, so it will be important to be respectful of their land. I can also ride in the huge vineyard down the street once the ground dries enough that our feet won't tear up the soil. This will all be VERY different trail riding than Deli is used to, with new things to get used to. She's a natural about riding alone in the wilderness and I expect more "suburban" wilderness will take more adjusting for her.

I must say, it has been nice to ride her again. She gets literally a year off without serious work, but she still remembers what we were working on LAST winter and has so much heart despite simultaneously not wanting to work (lazy girl!). Also, after one light "reminder" ride she's back to seeking contact immediately. Even out of shape (both of us!), wiggly, and herd bound, she is still a joy to ride. Even when we are not "clicking" perfectly, she just feels so right underneath me.

The ground work has been good too, because when I "returned" from the Bar she was horribly buddy/herd sour and her manners had deteriorated a bit from having other people handle her. Granted, my standards for what constitutes good manners are often much more strict, but hey, she's my lady and I can demand that of her if I want! The herd-bound-ness is much much better with a couple days work. And leaving her in the x-ties to scream and fuss for three hours while I read a book! Everyone was very impressed with how long her anxious fits last, but I long-ago ceased to underestimate her silly brain's stamina. She only fusses now when I set her loose to do her own thing, and that usually involves screaming her head off. She's a vocal horse anyway, so that's no real surprise. And the other horses scream for her too, so it's not like she's the only one being a dork.

I'll have to do a post at some point about the eye-rolling I've done with this new barn and the barn owner. Though I must say our situation has VERY much improved. I still long for our own place, but this place is (so far) workable. It's absolutely wonderful when I have the barn to myself for hours, as I absolutely prefer being alone with my horse, and recently I just KNOW that any benefit boarding would have is far overshadowed by the joy I would have with my horses on my own little farm.

Brian agrees. He isn't always thrilled about barn chores, but he did tell me that he felt a bit peevish caring for other people's horses. He does think that if it were our own place he would feel more attached to it. I feel the same way. It's like how when you rent a house you care less about it than when you own it. Oh, and he also said one of his favorite things is horse breath on cold mornings. Deli always sniffs his neck and face for some reason, which apparently he does not mind because she has nice-smelling warm breath? I kind of love him even more because of that.
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