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Here is what I have so far. Because I'm strange I took photos BEFORE washing stuff that needed it. I'm washing things now, though, that need it (everything is at least a little dusty!). Pictures behind the cut (though I must say the colors are not very true in the photos).

I DO have Paypal, which would be preferred. However, from my friends here I would take check or cash in the mail. Shipping costs paid by you! And I really am willing to take offers. Some of this stuff I am very flexible on the price, other things I am not. I'll keep this page updated, as I know I have more things to drag out of storage. For example, I have more standing wraps and polo wraps and blanket things.

Riders Rasp (as seen here: Used only a couple times, perfectly sharp (and this is the one where you can replace the blades). Great for touch-ups on the barefoot horse. $30 obo.

Simple cordura dressage girth, size 22”. Roller buckles w/o elastic. Well used but still usable! $10 obo.

Fleece with elastic English girth. I think the size says 36” (tag is faded), unsure of brand. Used but in good condition, elastic not stretched out, hardware all in good condition. $25 obo.

Toklat Originals fleece breastplate (convertible to breastcollar), horse sized. Lightly used, still in superb condition. $30 obo.

Green fleece tail wrap. Used but in great condition – fleece isn’t pilled, Velcro in superb condition. $15 obo.

Shires Typhoon High neck medium weight blanket, size 72” (though I would say this would fit a 74” or a bigger-bodied 72” horse, as it is too big/long for my 72” horse). Only used for two weeks last winter, and in perfect condition except for mud on the outside and some hair on the inside (can wash). It’s like this one: . No tears or damage, all hardware intact. $80 obo.

Professional Choice Velcro bell boots, size medium/horse. Used, velcro still in good condition though well-used. $5 obo.

Professional Choice splint boots (horse sized). Neoprene with felted green outer and off-white protection. Dusty, but still very usable with good velcro. $15 obo.

Sleezy Sleepware shoulder guard, medium/horse sized. Used a couple days under a blanket, still in good condition. Royal blue. Identical to this one: . $20 obo.

Matching set of a Roma sweat-wicking square dressage pad and 4 polo wraps. DARK navy with pink ribbon detail. The pad has a fancy “diamond pattern”, and is most like the one found here: , but is a special edition. The pad was used about 10 times, and the polo wraps were used once and stored in a shoebox since then. $40 obo for the set of pad + polos.

Toklat Originals fleece bareback pad in black. Used but still has many years left. Comes with “medium” length fleece and nylon girth/cinch. $20 obo.

Riders International anti-pill and breathable fleece cooler, Size 72”. Dark green. Good condition (used as blanket liner for about a week), but has a small (easy to repair) tear on the front buckle attachment (see photo). Has belly strap and hardware to attach leg straps if wanted. $30.

White felt western/square pad, ¾ inch thickness. Awesome pad, used under an English saddle for a couple months, wicks sweat. $20 obo.

Dover brand thick cotton-with-fill square pad. This is a discontinued version of the Poly Pad ( Lightly used and kind of a dark purple with navy trim color. $30 obo.

A pair of thick standing wrap pillows, light blue colored. Used once. $20 obo.

Ovation half-chaps, size large. Used condition, zippers still work great (washing them now, too!). $25 obo.

Two green wool-blend coolers, size 80”. Used, good quality. There is one high-neck (browband style) with white trim and a slightly thicker low-neck style with green trim. Neither would be appropriate as blanket liners, as they only have buckles/attachments in the front and tail cords. $15 each or $30 for both.

Size #1 WIDE Easyboot Glove. Used Once. $50.

I also have access to several regular #1.5 Easyboot gloves and #1.5 regular Easyboot glove parts – please ask for details.

NEW with tags white full seat breeches. Size 16 (still need to get pictures). $40.

Loose ring rubber mullen. Size 4.5-75” - $15
Full cheek w/ copper mouth. Size 5” - $20
Korsteel eggbutt french link snaffle, w/ curved mouth. Size 5” - $30

These are getting washed!

I swear this cooler is a very rich forest green...

Date: 2011-12-30 01:11 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
I'm totally in love with that Roma pad and matching polos... do you happen to know how long the polos are?

Date: 2011-12-30 06:22 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
I want the mullen mouth bit. Can you email me at ?


Date: 2011-12-30 04:01 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
Texted you. Fleece girth and Sleezy. :)


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