May. 26th, 2015

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I am probably taking Deli to an endurance ride this weekend. JUST to do the intro ride, mind you, on day 2. We are not ready for a 25/LD fitness wise or mental-training wise. But this intro ride is 15 miles and should give us a lot of information and training opportunities if it all works out.

I almost didn't want to say anything for fear of jinxing us! But she's getting her health certificate today (ride is in Washington - Mt. Adams area wilderness, so we are crossing state lines) and her long feet trimmed. She will be camping for her second time and her first time on a high-line. I think she will figure it out quickly and prefer it to being tied to a trailer because she is usually pretty calm if she can watch all the activity.

With 15 miles we should get a good idea of saddle comfort, booting, etc. as well.

The trails are supposed to be gorgeous and include water crossings (which we need to work on). I have two potential people to ride with because another thing we need to work on is riding in a group. The Grizzly intro ride we did by ourselves though we were certainly passed by actual competitors.

I'll maybe bring my camera on the trail if she's not being too nuts and take some fun pictures and video even!

Brian is camping with us as well.


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