Mar. 25th, 2013

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From blogger!

Yes, this journal is mostly friends-only. If you are interested in reading my journal, feel free to comment or message me. I've had bad experiences in the past with people getting into my journal and using the information to hurt me in some fashion, so I'm fairly picky with those I friend and allow to read my private entries.

That being said, this is my journal—where I bitch, rant and talk about my day-to-day life. "Lurath" is my online handle and writer/artist name. You can look me up on deviantART under the same name. My blog, Asynchronouspollywog, is more thought-out and succinctly written in which I snark about human society. I also have a blog, called Red Mare Running, about the conditioning and fitness of both my horse and I after we both experienced serious injuries. I would love comments on any of these! If you are an equestrian or would just like to learn more about horses, please check out the community [ profile] eq_conformation for discussion about how horses fit together and critique and analysis of photographs. Finally, I'd love more viewers and comments on my webcomic project Infinity Roads (found at [ profile] infinity_roads right now, though I reserve the right to find a new home for it). The webcomic is for mature audiences only, so be advised!

Most of my journal is devoted to my horse, Deli, because she is a huge part of my life. I also chat about my living situation, complain about my social ineptitude, talk about my love life and living situations. Most recently, a lot of this journal is devoted my recent move to Portland, Oregon after being a resident of California my whole life. I am also attending law school at Lewis & Clark college, starting in August of 2009 (class of 2012). Obviously law school has quickly become a life-consuming activity (and the nerd in me is having a blast!).

I would love to make friends with people among the equestrian world, artists, law students, animal lovers and writers!


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